MRI scans vs. CT scan

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CT scan and MRI scan are the two different types of medical imaging scans that are used to capture the images of the internal body parts of joints, organs, and bones. Many doctors suggest patients run through the Craft Body Scan and MRI to identify the critical problem areas and diagnose the patients by giving the right treatment. These two types of scans will produce different images in a wide variety of ways. A CT scan will make use of X-rays, whereas the MRI scan will use magnetic fields and radio waves to capture the internal body.

Difference between CT scan and Express MRI scan.


CT scans will use X-rays to get clear cut images of the organs, bones, and tissues. The person will lie on the table so that the machine will move across the scanning ring and looks like a circle. You can collect the data after the scanning process and arrange that in three-dimensional images. By taking a look at the pictures, you can see the abnormalities in the bone and soft tissues. You can also detect pneumonia in the lungs, tumors in different organs, and fractures on the bones. CT scans will capture the various dimensions of the body. It is more comfortable and faster compared to the MRI scans.

MRI will create a clear-cut picture of the areas that are inside the body. It will make use of radio waves and magnets to capture the images.

The person will lie on the table and move throughout the doughnut-shaped device. The doughnut would be thick in size. You can observe the pictures of abnormal and normal tissues. The MRI scanner is perfect for scanning the abdomen, head, and chest. It is powerful to take images of soft tissues.


CT scan is a computerized scanning that will make use of the X-ray technology to capture the diagnostic images. The X-ray will make use of the ionizing radiation. The CT scanner will take the 2D pictures of a patient from different angles. When the images that are captured in different dimensions are put together, a 3D model is shown. This clearly shows the inside picture of the body.

Using the scan result, the doctor can detect the disease or injury with ease.

MRI scans will not generate any radiation, but it takes a long time to go through this scanning for the patients. It will use radio waves and effective magnets to capture the diagnostic images.

The MRI scanner will use a magnetic field to pull all the body protons. The radio waves are passed through the signals, which are later removed by the scanner. The computer will quickly process the message and generate a 3D image of the body after the examination.


CT scans will capture the images at a brisk pace compared to the MRI scan. For instance, a CT scan will complete the scanning process in just 5 minutes, whereas an MRI scan will take 30 minutes.


CT scan will cost half of the price compared to the MRI scan. The average amount that you spend on a CT scan will be 1200 dollars, whereas, for MRI, you must spend 2000 dollars.


You can capture the images by running the MRI scans very sharply. The results are in detail that doctors can diagnose patients with the right treatment. It detects the injuries behind the bones and soft tissues. However, you cannot see clear cut images in CT scans

Sound Level

MRI will produce a lot of noise while running the scan. You should wear earplugs to avoid the noise to reach your ears and irritate you. CT scans will not produce much noise, and you do not have to use any ear protection while carrying out this procedure.


CT and MRI scans are very similar. CT scan is the commonly undergone scan. It is cost-effective and provides details. The doctor will prescribe the patient to go for an MRI scan when they want accurate and attention to detail of the body images.

The common uses of the CT scan are to look for tumors, bone fractures, internal bleeding, and fractures. The MRI scans will diagnose various issues related to organs, joints, and bones. It will detect the problems on ankles, breasts, wrists, blood vessels, joints, and brain.


In both the scan, the person has to lie down on the bed. The scanner will move the person inside the scanner. At the time of the scan, the patient has to remain in the same position. It allows the machine to take clear cut pictures.

While carrying out the scan, the technician will go out of the room, and the patient can talk to the technician through the intercom. The CT machine will capture the X-ray images from various angles quietly, whereas the MRI scan will make a lot of noise, and the technician will give you earplugs to avoid the sound to reach your ears.



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