What are the Five Love Languages?

Everyone gives and receives love differently, but everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved. According to author Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. When you learn how your partner gives and receives love, it can benefit the long-term health of your relationship. It’s essential to read about love so you can have a better understanding of how different people experience it. Here are the five love languages, what they mean, and how learning them can benefit the connection with your partner. 

Words of affirmation

Many people love to be complimented or reassured. Words of affirmation can help a person feel loved. It could be as simple as saying, “I love you.” Those three words make a person feel cared for in their relationship. Your partner could tell you that you look cute on a particular day. These are small things that make some people feel loved. 

Quality Time

Some people feel loved when they spend time with their partners. Whether it’s sitting on the couch watching a show or movie or going for a walk in the woods, quality time can be fulfilling to many folks in relationships. It helps some people feel connected to their partners. They’re engaging in a shared experience. Each couple has a unique way to enjoy quality time, but if this is your love language, it’s crucial to make it happen for you and your partner.

Acts of Service

Love isn’t always about flowery words or spending hours on end talking with your partner. Some people feel loved when their partner takes action dedicated to them. An act of service is simply doing something for your partner. Perhaps you make them dinner or help fix their computer. Acts of service can be simple things, but they’re deliberate action that demonstrates you have your partner’s needs in mind and want to help them. 

Physical Touch

Physical touch is a popular love language that involves physically connecting with your partner. It could be kissing, hugging, holding them, or having sex. Some people enjoy giving or receiving massages. Physical touch is a way that many people feel connected to their significant other. Some people like physical touch because it makes them feel seen by their partner. It’s a non-verbal way to connect with someone, and it can be intense or passionate. 


When you give a gift to your partner, it shows that you’re thinking of them. Some people appreciate gifts, and it makes them feel loved. The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant. You might feel loved and appreciated because your partner got you a mug with your astrological sign on it. Perhaps your significant other got you a kitten for your birthday because you’re a cat person, and they know how much you’ve wanted a pet. Gift-giving is a tangible way to express affection that many people connect with as a love language.

What’s your love language?

Take a moment to think about which of these love languages speak to you. You don’t have to choose one. Many people relate to a few love languages. Maybe you like it when your partner compliments you (words of affirmation) and also appreciate holding hands and kissing (physical touch). You can feel loved in a variety of ways. Another thing that’s important to discover is your partner’s love language. 

How do you find out your partner’s love language?

You might be wondering, “what’s my partner’s love language?” The best way to find out the answer is to ask them. It can be a great activity to read the love languages together and share which ones resonate with you. It’s okay if you and your partner have different ways of receiving love. The crucial thing is that you know what makes them feel cared for, and you can give them what they need. Conversely, you have the chance to tell them what your love language is and ask them to communicate in it, so you feel loved. 

Speak each other’s love language

You might be in a relationship with someone who speaks an entirely different love language than you. Maybe your partner feels loved by gift-giving. That’s an unfamiliar way to express love for you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn. You can have an open discussion with them about what kinds of gifts are meaningful to them. Perhaps you feel the love with acts of service. You can clearly tell your partner what actions mean something to you. That way, both of you have the chance to get what you need out of the relationship. Your connection with your partner has the potential to last when you learn to speak one another’s love language. So don’t be afraid to take the time to learn how your partner gives and receives love. 



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