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These Modern Houses Are Changing Real Estate

In recent years, people have been thinking outside the box in designing and building homes for their families. Certain construction techniques are becoming more popular and changing the face of what modern homes look like, meaning houses in the future could potentially look very different than they do now. With 63% of movers relocating to a new community at least once in their lives, there is a great deal of potential for changes in home construction.

Why The Changes?

Worldwide, people are starting to recognize that the way we build our homes today just isn’t working. Many residential homes use too much energy to be sustainable, and affordable housing is even reaching crisis-levels in some parts of the world. Some of these newer techniques are helping address housing problems globally, but their use will likely start to show up in all sorts of homes worldwide. Expect to see some of these newer construction trends in your backyard sooner rather than later.

What’s New?

Generally speaking, modern construction trends tend toward energy efficiency and cost reduction. This means different materials are being used to construct houses that are more energy efficient, and modern technology is making this easier.

While you might not think of modular construction or pre-fabricated homes as the way of the future, many signs point that this is the direction homes are headed. Modular construction is often more cost effective, and can even reduce construction waste significantly. Many of the pieces for modular homes are laser-cut to the exact size needed before they even reach the build site. Laser cutting and measuring are accurate within one nanometer, which means these home create far less waste from excess material. Additionally, the four most common metals used in construction for these homes (carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel) are often able to be recycled, so any waste that does get created can be reused, rather than sitting in a landfill.

Old Home, New Tricks

Of course, not all current methods of building are going out of style; in fact, some might become even more popular due to their energy efficiency. Research has shown that brick effectively lowers heating and cooling costs by as much as 8%. However, the methods for constructing homes might start to change in the future due to new technologies emerging. Some homes are likely to even be 3D printed, rather than built by a team of workers, meaning houses will take far less time to build. Although this may not be good news for the 109,748 architects in the United States, it does make home construction more efficient. While this might seem like an insignificant detail, this particular element of modern construction could have huge implications for real estate. Housing prices will be driven down, as houses won’t take as much labor to build. Hopefully, this will translate to housing generally becoming more affordable and accessible.

Modern technology and demands are changing the way homes are constructed. New materials are being used to increase energy efficiency, and new techniques allow for faster construction of homes and reduction of construction waste. While you might not see the changes yourself for a while, it’s likely homes will start being built in new and interesting ways near you soon enough.


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