Pretty Privacy: A Style-Safe Guide to Securing Your Home

Home security is more vital than ever, in a day and age where would-be criminals have mastered the art of home robbery. Whether it involves scoping out a home or waiting for homeowners to leave their homes to go on holiday, today’s homeowners have to be savvy in securing their home while they are away. For those not going anywhere, there is nothing like feeling safe and secure in your home at all times.

Big, ugly bars placed on doors or windows can make any home instantly look unattractive and wires from security devices leading into and around the house can make for a not so stylish appearance. Other than building a fortress around your home, which is unattractive in its own right, there is a lot you can do to prevent criminals from making your home a target. Modern security features have made it possible for homeowners to make their home secure and stylish.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can improve your home’s security without sacrificing on style.

Focus On Your Windows

One of the first points of entry are almost always the windows, especially at the back of the home. A few ways to address this is to prevent others from peering in the windows. Installing ready-made block out curtains and shutters are just a few simple ways that homeowners can prevent others in the neighbourhood or on the prowl from peering into your home and scoping out what’s inside.

Homeowners should also consider security film as an option for completely preventing your home from being burgled. This film works by making it difficult to break the window and enter the home. As the person continues to bang on the window, it slows them down and possibly gives you or a neighbour some time to call the authorities.

Finally, homeowners can insert a decorative bar in sliding glass windows as opposed to the normal stops used to prevent break-ins. Most hardware or home and garden stores sell variations on them, from the basic plastic ones to very ornate metal options. These stops make it very difficult for a criminal to open a sliding glass door, and therefore, keep your home protected.

Invest In Security Lights With Sensors

For professionals who keep long hours or families coming in after a long day with their children, motion sensors offer protection as you come home in the evenings. The sensors place a bright light on anyone walking in and around the yard. Usually placed over the garage, these lights can be installed in any part of the home, especially the backyard where there is typically little light. As a person moves, the lights will come on in response to movement in the area making it impossible for criminals to hide.

Landscape Routinely

Taking care of the lawn does a few things for your home and security. Of course, it can greatly improve curb appeal for the home, but it also lets your neighbourhood and the world know that your yard and home are well-cared for by its owners. Neglect is one of the main attractors of break-ins as intruders will assume that because the grass is not cut or there are newspapers and flyers on the ground and on the door that the home might be vacant. A home that is well-landscaped tells the world otherwise, so some criminals might be less tempted to intrude.

Security In Style

Making your home secure does not necessarily have to translate into transforming into a medieval dungeon. In fact, home security options today allow for the discreet placement of cameras around the home or decorative security attachments that make it difficult for people to break into your home. Whether it involves keeping others from peering into your home, placing light on those lurking in the shadows, or keeping your yard maintained, home security can be both tasteful and effective.



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