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Men’s Fashion: The Details Every Man Needs

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Have you ever noticed a man and wondered what made his style different? You can see that he is very put together but can’t quite figure out how he is rocking his casual style. You would look like a hot mess if you were wearing the same outfit. It is all about the details. When you really focus on the details of his appearance, there are several things you will notice that he does. We are going to look at everything from the very top all the way to the bottom. Let’s go.


Fingernails and toenails are important. No one is going to notice your expensive sandals if all they can focus on is your unkempt feet. That goes for the hands too. Nails should be clean and filed. You can easily do this at home. If you have trouble getting your toes just right, head to the manicurist.


Everyone should be going to the barber a minimum of once a month. Even if you are balding, your hair on the sides needs to be trimmed and styled. If you are blessed with good hair, choose a style that fits you. If you have an edgy hairstyle you may need to get it trimmed more often to keep the right shape. Also, fix your hair every morning. If you aren’t having a hair day, its ok to throw on a styled hat. Ball caps should be reserved for sporting events.


Eyebrows are the most overlooked piece to the fashion puzzle. These are important. When you are having an eye to eye conversation, they will notice your eyebrows. Going to the salon doesn’t mean that you have to be fully waxed and shaped. Your barber will be able to clean them up while keeping a rugged appearance. Not only will the barber clean up the edges, they may need to trim the length.


The fit of your clothes will show people how you care about yourself. If you walk in wearing tailored, high quality clothing, you will look like you value yourself. It will be hard for people to notice your details if you having pants dragging the floor and a shirt that is two sizes too big.

The size of your clothing should match your actual size. If your clothes are a little too tight, don’t be afraid to go up to the next size. Its ok. It’s better to go up a size, than to have clothes that are too small. Now, if your clothes are hanging off of you, go down a size. Your clothing should accentuate your body.

Belts and suspenders can be helpful with the fit if you are in-between sizes. They can add fashion to your outfit if chosen appropriately. Neither a belt or suspenders should like worn out. You can choose the Best Ratchet Belt at Ardent Footsteps where they have detailed and authentic reviews

Length of pants and sleeves are important also. Your pants should never touch the floor. Pay attention to break of the pants also. Your sleeves should not cover your hands. Long sleeve shirt should stop around the wrists.


Quality is key. It is easy to tell the difference between cheap clothing and high-end clothing. If you are buying your clothes from places like Walmart and Target, stop. Go with designer stores, like Robert Old.

The last step is to make sure the clothes are wrinkle and stain free. If you have stains that you can’t get out, send them to the dry cleaners. If they can’t remove them either, you will have to throw them away, unfortunately. That piece may have been expensive, but it has to go. Imagine a brand-new Ferrari. If the front bumper is missing, it kills the whole look.

Do not leave your house in wrinkled clothes. If you have wrinkles, it looks like you just picked it off the floor and put it on. That is not a good look. If you don’t have the skills or time to iron your clothing, take it to the dry cleaners.

There are many details that are important besides the actual clothing. Be sure to wear quality, clean clothing. Start from your head and work your way to your toes. Everything should be clean, shaped, and well fit.





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