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Makeup Your Mind and get MelodySusie for Mom! @MelodySusie1

Mothers are one of the most beautiful and unique creatures out there. They can find lost gems hidden within wild jungles that we call our bedroom. Calm their baby’s natural disasters and help raise a resolution against early bedtimes! They love and care for everyone so much that it isn’t surprising that most don’t take care of themselves. There is little time for a warrior to look as beautiful as they truly are.

Well MelodySusie has shared with us two awesome Mother’s Day gifts I think all moms will love: their Makeup Brush Cleaner and Heavy Duty Travel Toiletry Bag.`

The Makeup Brush Cleaner comes equipped with everything you need to clean your brushes. From left to right it you’ll see a user manual, bowel, cleaner, spindle, collars, base, and travel case.

Looking good comes with a price as many makeup lovers and novice have recognized. It takes forever to look perfect and to clean up the disaster afterwards. Cleaning your brushes over the sink for an hour isn’t how most people would like to spend their time. We tend to allow our makeup brushes to stay dirty longer than recommended due to inconvenience.

“Ugh, I’d rather watch T.V. instead of doing this!” everyone claims in the back of their head. “I mean, it’s only been a couple of days… Weeks and they don’t look that dirty… One more day won’t hurt,” could be another common phrase.

Well that’s all in the past because of the new MelodySusie Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer! This easy to use device uses a electronic cleaner that, when connected to the spindle and one of eight collars, will clean your brush in no time!

Here are a couple of face brushes as well as eyeshadow brushes covered in makeup. The times varied in cleaning them.

The time may vary depending on what type of makeup your brushes are covered in. Waterproof, eye makeup, foundation, Powders, and non-waterproof have differing cleaning times; nonetheless, the time was surely in the seconds to minutes! As long as you read and follow the given directions, then you should be able to clean your brushes anywhere in no time. A quick tip for loading your brushes is to make sure they are securely in the collars, but not push them too far in to where the bottom comes off—I’ve learn from experience.

I still haven’t found a way to get it back. Lol

However, the quick and portable cleaner was worth it! I got to catch up on a few episodes while cleaning my brushes in my living room. Oh, and did I mention that you can dry your brushes in a matter of seconds as well? Yup, the cleaner not only cuts down your brush cleaning time but the drying time as well!










No more leaving your brushes to dry overnight, and finding them still damp. Just hold the brush above the water while it’s still spinning and bam! Good as new! The cleaner really does do it all. Now once you’re down cleaning your brushes why don’t you store them safely in MelodySusie’s Heavy Duty Travel Toiletry Bag.

There are three outer compartments where you can store items and the bag is waterproof.

The bag is lightweight and large enough to hold all your fierce beauty needs while being small enough to store when not in use or into a bag with room to spare! There is a total of eight internal mesh pockets where you can slide in all the brushes, powders, lipstick, and palette a person would need. You don’t even have to worry about counter space with its built-in hook. The bathroom door or towel rack could help out with that.

Overall, I believe this pair would be a great Mother’s Day Gift to anyone. Even if they may struggle with makeup, the items can be used for paint brushes and holding your travel items. So why not arm that Wonder Woman in your life with these. I’m sure a smile is sure to rise.



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  • These sound like awesome products! I had no idea that brush cleaners even existed, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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