Tips For Incorporating Spring 2021 Trends Into Your Wardrobe

This year, the fashion weeks of the world are looking a little bit different. There were virtual shows, shows with social distancing, and even a show that used shipping containers to flaunt its collection — each of which, if recycled, saved 3,500 kg of steel a piece from being wasted. After the spring/summer fashion weeks are done, the season’s new trends start to emerge, but not all of them are very realistic for the average person to wear. After wading through all of this year’s crazy, couture, and interesting fashion trends, here are a few wearable trends you can incorporate into your style.

Black and White

A lot of runways this season were featuring black and white outfits, and this classic color combo is making a comeback. This trend is one of the most wearable on this list because you likely already have some black and white clothing in your closet — you just have to find ways to pair them together.

Floaty Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have always been a great go-to when you’re on the run — you don’t have to try to make anything match, and you always look like you tried a little bit — and now they’re making a style comeback. There were tons of different styles of the dress on runways this season, from completely sheer tulle pieces to more solid satin renditions, but all of them had something in common: they were floaty, flirty, and fun.

Wide-Legged Pants

If you’ve been getting tired of skinny jeans for years, you’ve found the trend for you. Wide-legged pants were all over fashion weeks this year, and they can be fun to style in your own wardrobe. To bring wide-legged pants into your every day look, pair them with a more fitted top to balance out the looseness of your pants. On the other hand, you can add a matching oversized blazer to fully lean into the oversized baggy look.


Stripes are a versatile pattern and are usually in attendance to at least a few shows, but this year they were all over. They were on all different pieces of clothing and in a handful of colorways — both bright, bold color combos and a classic black and white. Stripes are another easy trend to incorporate into your wardrobe. A pair of pants with bold stripes would be more trendy, but stripes on blouses, rompers, dresses, or skirts can also fit this season’s fashion trends.

White Dresses

Depending on what age your kids are, this might not really be the most wearable trend. However, white dresses showed up in many non-bridal shows this season. There were flirty mini-skirts and long floaty maxi dresses, so whatever silhouette you’re most comfortable with would fit into this trend. There were some dresses that had details or piping in other accents colors, so if the idea of a completely white dress isn’t attainable, you have options while still getting in on this trend.

Surprising Cut-Outs

In the past, trendy cut-outs haven’t always been the most accessible trend — most of us don’t want to show off random strips of our midriff when we’re wearing an otherwise normal shirt. However, this season the cut-out got a makeover. Cut-outs were appearing in a multitude of different places, from strips of shoulders, a hole on the calf section of a pair of pants, and even on the arms. Luckily, this makes the trend a lot more wearable for the average person.

For this trend, look for a piece that has a cut-out or two in places that you don’t mind showing off. If you’ve got a cut-out on your leg, make sure that you shave or wax before wearing them so that you aren’t frantically trying to shave one patch of hair before getting dressed. If you do get waxed, make sure not to take any hot baths for at least 24 hours because your skin could be at risk of bacterial infections from waxing.

Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers were paired with a multitude of different silhouettes this season. From rompers to being paired with matching wide-legged trousers, there were tons of blazers in different styles, colors, patterns, and materials. This trend is definitely one that is wearable, whether you’re heading to your office job or just to run to the grocery store (since that’s the only place many of us can go to show our quarantine fashion).

Something great about this trend is the fact that you can easily thrift oversized blazers at your local thrift store. It’s important to shop sustainably, which can be hard for trendier pieces, but thrifting pieces like these can really help the environment and stop the creation of more of the waste fast fashion trends are associated with. You might have to cut out a few shoulder pads, but your local thrift store is likely to have some good options in the women’s, or even the men’s, section.

Never Forget Accessories

The best way to bridge an outfit between your personal style and the current runway trends is to pull in accessories that are distinctly you. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect accessory, you should consider going to one of the 11,000 pawn shops that are across the U.S. There you can find interesting jewelry pieces that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Stacking on a lot of jewelry is trendy right now, so if you’re buying new pieces, try to stick to one metal type in order to give yourself the option of adding more jewelry to your look.

Fashion trends can be a fun source of inspiration to refresh your wardrobe and pull together new outfits that you might not have thought of before. There will always be classic styles that work regardless of the year you’re wearing it, but you can always add touches of the currents trends to those classic styles.

What trends will you be trying out this year? Are there any that you aren’t a fan of? Let us know in the comments below what you think of these spring/summer trends!


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