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Make Your Teeth Stronger: What to Do When You Have Weak Teeth

More than 40% of the world’s population is dealing with untreated tooth decay.

Tooth decay can happen to anyone, especially when they aren’t properly taking care of their teeth.

Even if you already have weakened teeth, there are many things you can do to help strengthen them.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for combatting weak teeth and strengthening them!


1. Brush and Floss

The most important things that you should be doing when you have weak teeth are brushing and flossing.

Brushing your teeth twice a day can help remove food and plaque that build up, creating bacteria. This build-up can damage the teeth and weaken them. Brushing your teeth will remove the harmful bacteria that causes cavities and mineral loss in the enamel.

Flossing also helps remove bacteria and plaque that form between the teeth. Many times, your toothbrush will be unable to get to spots that floss can. You should always floss every day. Flossing can also prevent gum disease that weakens the entire mouth.

2. Find the Right Toothpaste

In general, finding the right toothpaste is a personal preference.

Most toothpaste brands have the same ingredients. The only difference is the flavor or feeling in the mouth. However, some kinds of toothpaste come with added ingredients to make a larger impact.

You should look for a toothpaste with fluoride, triclosan, and anti-sensitivity ingredients. Toothpaste with fluoride and anti-sensitivity ingredients can help keep you from losing enamel.

Try looking for enamel protection toothpaste. This type of toothpaste can help encourage the growth of new enamel that is used to protect the teeth and prevent future decay.

It is not necessary, however, to spend a lot of extra money on toothpaste. You can get the same benefits from many generic and cheaper alternatives. As long as there is fluoride to help strengthen your teeth you are good to brush!

3. Eat Fruit on Occasion

Fruits are one of the best things to eat because they are both refreshing and tasty.

Unfortunately, fruits are also high in sugar and acidity. Acidic fruits react with calcium on the teeth and can damage tooth enamel. You should eat lemons, grapefruits, limes, and oranges in moderation if you have weak teeth.

Fruit juices are another item to be careful with. Just like fresh fruit, they are highly acidic and most juices come with added sugars. Try to avoid sugary drinks made with fruit. Doing so can help prevent enamel from stripping away and exposing your teeth to harshen conditions.

4. Limit Sugar

If you want to help your teeth get strong again, you will have to cut out extra sugar in your diet.

Sugar has an acidity that breaks down tooth enamel when combined with bacteria. It is recommended to cut out sugar as much as you can. If you do, however, have sugar you should brush your teeth shortly after eating.

Brushing your teeth can help eliminate sugar sitting in the mouth contributing to decay. Studies have shown that people who have higher amounts of sugar tend to have more demineralized teeth.

You don’t have to avoid sugar completely, just have it in moderation and clean your mouth afterward.

5. Get Some Gum

Many people believe that chewing sugarless gum is an excellent way of restoring dental health.

Some studies have shown that sugarless gum can promote tooth remineralization and remove bad bacteria from the mouth. Gum can help remove sugar, carbs, and plaque from the teeth, preventing weak teeth.

You must get sugarless gum. If not, you can cause further damage to your teeth and weaken them. Sugar-free gum also helps dental health with its ingredients. The ingredients xylitol and sorbitol are found within sugar-free gum and can help block mineral loss.

6. Take Your Vitamins

If you want to strengthen your weak teeth, you should be taking vitamins and getting calcium every day.

Calcium is naturally produced within your teeth, but sometimes you will need to supply them with more. Acids and sugars can eat away at calcium on the teeth, making them weak.

Eating cheese and milk that are rich in calcium can help promote dental health and protect against cavities. Vitamin D and multivitamins are also recommended to use if you have weak teeth. These vitamins can help ensure that your teeth are getting nutrients and protection from cavities.

It is important that you limit your dairy intake, however. Too much dairy can increase acidity in the mouth of lactose.

7. Go to the Dentist

Regularly going to the dentist can help combat weak teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

You must go to the dentist to prevent weak teeth and find problems before they become painful. Dentists can use Xrays and dental histories to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Many people also get recommendations specific to their needs from the dentist. You should visit the dentist twice a year to make sure that acidity and sugar aren’t destroying your smile.

When choosing a dental practice you should think about your needs and if they will be able to accommodate them. You should also try and look for a good dental practitioner that you can rely on for medical emergencies.

Brush Away Those Weak Teeth

Having weak teeth can be painful and disrupt your life from discomfort.

You must utilize the tips mentioned above when you are dealing with weak teeth so that they don’t decay.

Sugars and acidic foods and beverages are some of the main culprits for weak teeth. They can strip away the protective enamel on your teeth and cause cavities and gum disease.

Regularly going to the dentist, limiting sugar, and brushing every day can help keep your teeth strong. You must focus on your dental health before there is discomfort, otherwise, it can be too late.

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