How to Make Cards Using Stuff You Already Have in Your House

Want to know how to make cards? You probably already have all the materials you need. Here’s how to use them

Are you constantly looking for cards that are both cheap and meaningful but you have no luck?

Many greeting cards run on the more expensive end, but prices for cards can range from 50 cents to $10.

Instead of spending all the extra cash on buying a piece of paper that says “happy birthday” (and that will probably be thrown away anyway), why not create homemade cards?

Continue reading about tips on how to make cards that won’t get thrown in the trash!

How to Make Cards with Items in Your Home

Many people either buy cards from the store or utilize an invitation card maker program on their computer. These are both good options but can become expensive if you need to make a lot of card purchases each year.

If you are trying to save money and create a fun activity for your kids to work on, then learning how to make cards with common items in your house may be a good solution. Between birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings,  and graduations, there is always an event going on that you need a card for.

Below are some of the best tips and ideas for card making for kids.

  1. Grab the Cardboard

Most people tend to have colored cardboard or papers at their house and this offers an excellent base for your card. The paper can be simply folded in half, like a book, or be cut into a desired shape that matches the occasion.

Not only does the paper help as a base of creation, but you can also use it to create a 3D card by gluing the top and bottom of the popout to the card. If you are not wanting to create a 3D image, you can also color and paint easily on the paper.

  1. Create Patterns with Common Objects 

There are many unique patterns that can be included in your DIY cards. Many people use leaves from outside, doileys, sponges, and checkered patterns to create a cool style on their cards.

You can spray paint with these items, paint, or even color with them to give your card a unique look that can’t be bought in the stores.

  1. Make It Stand Out

Besides doing 3D paper cutouts in your cards, your kids can also find common objects around the house to glue onto the card. Have your kids look for items like balloons, puzzle pieces, strings, and any other small object that pertains to the occasion when creating a card.

You can even include dried pasta, flowers, and googly eyes. This is a fun and creative part that your child will enjoy. They can go as big or little as they want with items to make it a memorable card.

  1. Word It Right

Creativity can flourish when creating the design of your cards, but the words should also be well thought out and match the occasion. Depending on the reason for the card, your child can be as meaningful or funny as they want.

This is a great way for your child to think about the other person and what they are wanting to read. Card sayings can be short or long, there isn’t any standard as long as you can get the point across.

Get Your Craft on

Learning how to make cards is a great way for you and the kids to create a meaningful message that people will appreciate. You can get as creative as you would like and personalize any message to the person receiving, making it even more meaningful.

DIY cards can give your child the opportunity to let their creative side show and they may even want to make more! It also teaches your child that you don’t have to spend money to give someone a card that will make them smile.

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