Is Getting A Family Pet Dog The Right Choice? The Questions You Need To Answer

Some people love to add to their family by getting a pet dog. After all, it can add real value to your family time and dynamic. Most of the time you will find that it is the children that will have the most enthusiasm for getting a pet dog. They only see the fun side of things, don’t they? Where us parents begin to see the other aspects of having a family dog, the responsibility and the care. So if you find yourself considering adding to your family with a pet dog, I thought devising some of the most important questions to ask yourself could really help you out. I hope it adds a bit more clarity to your decision-making process.


What type of dog will you consider?

One of the first things to consider would be the type of dog you want to get. This could be chosen based on the size because of how much space you have in your home, it might be determined by a preferential breed or temperament. Some dogs have more energy than others, and there are some breeds that require a different level of care. This is when it’s worth researching all your options. You might want to head over to the internet for articles about different breeds, or seek out opinions from fellow dog owners.

How will you feed the dog?

Another thing to consider would be what you plan on feeding the dog. Of course, it’s important that you feed them dog food, but there are alternative brands to consider that offer your dog different nutrients and things they need in their diet. Brands like advantix could offer a combination of things for your dog. You also need to consider the cost of dog food in your weekly or monthly budget. If you don’t have much disposable income as it is would it be wise to add an extra mouth to feed and take care of?


What about other costs

You also need to concern yourself with the other potential costs that a dog will have on your income. There may be unforeseen medical bills, dog beds and toys and even a trip to the groomers every now and again for a bath or nail clipping.

Who will care for it mainly?

Dogs are a huge responsibility, from taking care of them to making sure they get sufficient exercise. So it is important to ensure that you know who will be responsible for what. If you have older children, you may want to delegate certain jobs so that the main care doesn’t fall to you each day.


What will happen on those occasions you are not at home?

Sometimes there will be times when you won’t be home to take care of the dog. That might be if every leaves the house for work or school, or it could just be when you take a vacation. So it’s important you know what your plans would be should this sort of situation arise. You may want to consider a dog sitter, a kennels or maybe ask family or friends to take of them.

What do you feel are the main pros to getting a dog

A big question to ask yourself would be the benefits you think you will get from having a dog in the family. Perhaps the pros would be teaching your children responsibility and helping them be accountable for their actions. Or it may become an incentive to get outdoors more and exercise as you will need to regularly walk the dog. Maybe it’s extra company for you during the day if children are at school or a partner is away a lot. There are plenty of pros to consider but make sure you make them personal to you.


What do you feel are the main cons to getting a dog?

As much as there are many benefits to dog ownership, you also need to consider if there are any downsides to pet ownership. Perhaps you know you will be the sole care or the pet, or that you are out of your home more often than you originally thought. As much as this might something you want, you need to weigh up both arguments to make an informed decision.

Overall how do you feel about it?

Finally, how do you feel about the prospect of pet ownership? Does it excite you or fill you with dread? As much as you can see all the benefits you have to want to have a pet in your life.


I hope these questions will help you make a better decision about owning a pet dog in the future.


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