Make Your Daughter’s Sweet 16 Special With Basic Invite’s Creative & Custom Birthday Party Invitations!

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Sixteen is a milestone age for young girls. They are finally transitioning into adulthood, learning to become responsible and bidding bitter-sweet farewell to their memorable childhood.

That’s why turning sixteen is huge deal in many cultures, especially in the US. In many of the states, girls can give the test for a driver’s license, one of their new legal rights! This newly found freedom can be a nerve-wracking thing for parents, but incredibly exciting for the young adults!

But reaching this age can be overwhelming and exhausting for many girls. After all, they have to maintain a balance between their studies, social life, part-time jobs and hobbies.

That’s why parents, friends and family need to show support towards their little princesses who are now blooming into adulthood. And what better way for parents to express love than throwing a Sweet 16 Party!

But with arranging a party come many tasks. And to help you out with them, we have collected a few awesome tips!

1.  Venue:

First and foremost, you need to pick a gorgeous venue. This can depend upon a number of factors such as the theme, budget and personal opinions.

A few ideas would be;

  • A conventional birthday at a restaurant or ballroom.
  • A country-themed birthday at a barn.
  • An open-air party at a public park or even your own backyard!
  • An unusual party at a carnival in town.
  • A cruise birthday with a little excursion.

2.  Cake Arrangements:

What’s a birthday without a cake? The answer is a boring one!

Ordering a cake should be a top priority when planning any birthday! Besides, tasting samples and choosing the sponges, frostings and decorations is plenty of fun!

We suggest going with your daughter’s favorite flavor, and adjusting the theme accordingly. You can also opt for a fondant cake rather than icing, if you want a sleek look and intricate details.

3.  Gifts:

It’s the top secret deal nobody discusses out loud! That’s right, we’re talking about surprise gifts!

Our tip regarding gifts would be related to wrapping; hide the item completely! Make sure the wrapping paper covers it entirely and the shape is different from the actual product, setting it up as a true surprise.

4.  Invitations:

The final worry of a parent throwing a sweet 16 is handing out invites. Of course you can ring their phone or text, but there’s something about physical invites that make them stand out! And if you’re already striving to make the sweet 16 different and memorable, why not mail invites with a style!

This might’ve left you wondering, ‘where do I find a theme-matching invite?’. Well, you’ve luckily come to the right place!

Basic Invite is an online business that’s been involved in manufacturing personalized invitation cards since 2006. Their unique art skills, cutting-edge tech and full customer control over designing process makes them stand out in every way!

What does Basic Invite offer?

Basic Invite can create truly custom cards thanks to their unique interface. They produce customized cards for big events like weddings and baby showers to birthday invitations online. Here’s some noticeable advantages of booking with them!

1.  Next to Unlimited Colors:

Basic Invite offers a huge number of colors (more than 180!) that can be mixed-and-matched! Each element on the card can have its color changed to match your intended theme!

2.  Pretty Envelopes:

Not just the cards! Basic Invite offers beautiful envelopes in about 40 eye-catching colors! These include darks, pastels and fancy ones.

The envelopes also have a peel and seal quality for secure closing, making sure the card looks appealing before it’s even opened!

3.  Samples:

Basic Invite offers free samples for the customized cards in two ways; you can preview the changes on the webpage and in physical print! It’s one of the few sites that offer custom samples for totally free!

4.  Stylish Cards:

If you’re looking for coordinating suite items, greeting cards, farewell cards or thank you cards, Basic Invite is there to help!

Along with the invitations sweet 16 party will feature, you can get matching cards, thanking the guests for the wonderful gifts and their role in making your kid’s day!

5.  Layout Customization:

Here’s where the fun part begins! Basic Invite allows you to make personal customization and changes to their already well-designed layouts!

That’s right! Not only can you add frames, edit the age, change positions of artwork etc. but pick the base color, shape and material of the invites! With Basic Invite, you can have completely custom birthday party invitations.

6.  Material Options:

Basic Invite truly takes customization to the next level with their material options!

If you’re not feeling like the paper options are going to cut it, you can always opt for the very unique and stylish options; foil and wood!

Foil cards are available in 2 styles; raised & flat foil. There are also 3 attractive colors for the foil invites; gold, silver and rose gold! These go hand-in-hand with a restaurant venue or food theme!

The wood invites are ideal for an outdoor, barn or forest themed party. The wide Wood Collection by basic invite has many templates with a white ink design on quality wood!

  • Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Basic Invite is currently offering a staggering 15% discount off with the code 15FF51. Feel free to use it and print some creative


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