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Disclaimer: The Night Helper Blog LLC had the chance to review the Playfinity products; we are revealing this in accordance with FTC standards and guidelines.


Wow, it’s hard to think that the middle of the year has already arrived. I don’t know about you, but we’ve been engaging in a lot of outdoor activities, and I’m happy to report that the kids are loving playing in the fresh air. Today we will be sharing with you three fantastic outdoor games from the brand Playfinity.


First, let me tell you about this brand Playfinity : In order to improve kids’ physical, mental, and functional abilities, Playfinity provides fun, active gaming experiences that blend real-world and digital play. By getting kids outside and moving, Playfinity helps them become more active. It’s no secret that parents are finding it more difficult to control their children’s screen time, that inactivity is on the rise, and that getting kids off the couch can be difficult. In actuality, 95% of children spend 5-7 hours a day gaming and on social media, while only 5% of children achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity.


Here we have the Backyard League Gaming Baseball

With this app, you can compete against your own score, those of your friends and family, or other players in league games. Gain throw ranks to earn medals and badges for your accomplishments. Even better, your kids can choose from a range of games, all of which have coach commentary and real-time audio feedback. it’s like an outdoor arcade game in your own backyard.  They’ll have an immersive sound experience. Fun and skill-building in abundance!

The baseball includes an aperture to put a battery-operated tracker, but it is official size and weight in my opinion is that to a real baseball. The battery is also present. The baseball is not intended for batting, which is vital to remember. There aren’t many instructions in the box, but more instructions are available once you download the app (from the App Store or Google Play). I find this to be a great way to improve your children’s baseball skills. Again, its cool that it has Immersive audio experience with sound effects, real-time audio coaching, and energetic music, that enhances the excitement and fun of the games while creating a virtual playing field atmosphere.

Kids may play engaging baseball-themed activities and challenges on the free companion app for hours on end. Additionally, the lengthy battery life offers up to 40,000 throws, which is more than enough to improve your throwing abilities. Overall, I think your kids would get a kick out of playing with this awesome

There are six Interactive Games via the app:

  • FAST HANDS – Complete as many throws as possible within 60 seconds.

  • FLY BALL – Throw high and low balls after each other and get points for the height difference.

  • LONGER AND LONGER – Get as many throws as possible each longer than the one before.

  • FREEZE BALL – Throw as precise as you can.

  • HIGHER AND HIGHER – Get as many throws as possible each higher than the one before.

  • GROUND BALL – Field ground balls as fast and controlled as you can.


On to the next outdoor game which is Playfinity SMARTBALL

Now, this ball is also associated with a free app that has to be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. This one is pretty cool. You see, I really like this one because it has such a soft and squishy feel to it that even my youngest daughter can play with it. She’s bot a great catcher just yet and she’s really learning how to throw so, this ball is perfect for her. It’s very easy to connect just make sure to follow the steps.

With the app, the ball will be able to detect catches, bounces, drops, speed, airtime, and height. The free companion app is brimming with multiplayer games that you may play with people locally, internationally, or both! Along with sound effects, real-time coaching, and upbeat music, it also features immersive audio. It is made from durable materials to withstand even the most active play. So, kids can play all day long and still have hours of fun left for other days to enjoy playing outdoors with this unique Playfinity SMARTBALL.

Again, this Playfinity SMARTBAL will provide hours of fun and it too has a long battery life (up to 40,000 throws).


Last, we have Playfinity Jump League.

This one is different; with this game you will be jumping. The games keep track of your leaps, rotation and grab angles, height, airtime, and flip detection.

There are many different game styles to pick from, from performance games like 60 Second High, where height is everything, to Crow, where your acrobatic prowess will get you to the top, no matter where you are leaping, whether it’s on a trampoline or just hopping around. Every leap is counted, as are rotation and grab angles, height, airtime, and flips.

The Playfinity smart activity tracker with a Flex Band goes around your ankle. Built for harsh conditions, this is the tracker for active gaming, powered by a standard battery for up to 80 hours of jumping or 40 000 jumps. Water resistant and automatically goes into sleep mode to save power. You can create your own profile, upload an avatar, and keep track of your advancement in terms of total jumps and global ranking. Real-time live gaming audio includes music, sound effects, and commentary.

Yes, both the app and the games are totally free. Decide which tricks will result in the highest score and how many points you will gain or lose, and then decide how the game will end. Give it a catchy name, then start the activity.


So far, my kids are loving these interactive outdoors games from Playfinity. I even went and purchased a new baseball glove for one of my sons so he could kick start his baseball skills with the Backyard League Gaming Baseball from Playfinity.


With a ton of interactive activities and skills to pick up, WOW, Playfinity took these outdoor games to a whole new level of excitement. Therefore, if you’re trying to find ways to get your kids outside and away from their electronics, start by picking up a few of these Playfinity outdoor games. I can assure you that your kids will be playing for hours, after all they can even compete with other kids all over the world…how cool is that!!


You can visit Playfinity here to see their latest products and don’t forget to connect with them via social media. Facebook | Instagram| Youtube





Disclaimer: The Night Helper Blog LLC had the chance to review the Playfinity products; we are revealing this in accordance with FTC standards and guidelines.


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