Why Learning an Instrument Should Be One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is just around the corner, and with it, the chance for many to start anew by making resolutions. One of the most sought out resolutions tends to involve self-improvement or learning new traits, such as learning to play a musical instrument. This task is not only a brilliant way to expand your horizons but can also bring about many more benefits both physically and mentally. Here are just 4 reasons why learning an instrument should be at the top of your list for New Year’s resolutions


  1. Helps You Express Creativity

Learning an instrument, and music in general, allows people to explore the realms of creativity and express emotions that they may not be able to put into concrete thoughts or words. There are not many daily activities that people encounter on a routine basis that stimulate the mind in the artistic way that music seems to do.

Learning to play music helps people articulate in a manner that exceeds language barriers and social statuses. Just like art and dance, it allows people to showcase a side of themselves that is truly unique to every individual. It’s is a skill that not only teaches a musician a lot about themselves but can also teach the world around them things about themselves. This is truly the power of music.

  1. Improves Your Memory

Just like learning math or reading, learning to play an instrument has the added effect on improving one’s memory. Learning music has been shown to improve the memory of many children who start playing instruments at an early age.

Part of this may be because the process of learning and retaining the “language” of music takes a lot of mental skills such as memorizing rules and practicing through repetition. Like learning a new language, musicians have to learn the notes, scales, and rhythms of an instrument.

If improving your memory interests you but you don’t know which instrument to pick up, your best bet is first to go to a local guitar center or check out drumcenternh.com. Music stores will have items on display where you can get a feel for the various instruments as well as resources like beginner’s music books. With these resources, you’ll be playing and becoming a memory master in no time.

  1. Improves Your Posture and Dexterity

Sports are not the only way to maintain good body posture. Playing an instrument requires proper posture in order to improve air movement. If you look at people who play the trumpet or flute, for example, you’ll notice how straight they have to sit or stand. Improvement in breathing techniques can bring about health benefits in the long run.

Playing an instrument can also help improve dexterity. For example, the piano and most string instruments can help people develop refined movement of the hand and fingers.

  1. Decreases Your Stress

Aside from being a route of creative expression, learning an instrument can be a form of destressing. Along with activities such as meditation and running, music has been shown to clear minds and lower stress levels.

Part of this depends on the type of music. For some people, it is soothing and relaxing to strum the guitars or pluck a harp. For others, unleashing their rage on the drums or learning piano might be their way of de-stressing. Playing an instrument also can be a form of decompression for those who work in high-stress environments without much room for creative freedom.

As the New Year gets closer, consider making learning a musical instrument a resolution for yourself. Visit local stores if you want to get a feel for which instrument you may have a desire for learning about. Once you’ve chosen an instrument, simply get started. Don’t put off another year without experiencing all the benefits playing music. Let this new year be a year of prosperity mentally and physically.


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