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Do I Need a New Car?

No matter how much you love your car, there will come a time when you have to let it go. If you’ve had it for many years, then this can be an emotional experience but if it just won’t start or circumstances have changed then browsing for a new car at Fords of Winsford might be your next step. Should you be unsure if the time really is right to start looking for a new car, then consider the following questions and if you answer ‘yes’ to any then it probably is.

Is It Broken?

A big killer for cars can be experiencing an incredibly expensive repair job. Problems with the transmission, suspension and brake lines can all reach into the thousands to repair. When the cost of repair outstrips the value of your car, it makes financial sense to scrap (or sell if possible) and buy a new one. If you keep experiencing the same repairs, then it suggests a serious underlying problem that can’t be fixed.

Are There Safety Concerns?

Do you worry about hill starts? Find your car slowing down on the motorway unexpectedly? Any safety concerns should be seen to by a professional immediately but if they keep returning then it’s a sign you need to get rid. Especially when you give others a lift, you don’t want to be endangering their health and lives either.

Is Your Life Situation Changing?

Driving around in a compact, stylish hatchback is great when you’re single and live in the city, but should your situation change you’ll need an appropriate new car. It could be taking up a new professional role where you feel a modern executive car is required, or you may have a child on the way and need a larger family car. Changing jobs, relocating and starting a family are all catalysts for getting a new car.

Are You Worried About the Environment?

There are now many new electric and hybrid cars available on the market, so if you’re stuck with an old petrol or diesel model it can be tempting to switch. Those with a concern for their emissions and the environment should consider selling to by a more efficient new car. There’s no real way to improve the emissions of an old vehicle so buying or leasing a new hybrid or electric is the best solution.

Do You Want a New One?

At the end of the day, you’ll know you need a new car if you simply want and can afford one. There’s nothing wrong with buying something if you want it and won’t be putting yourself at financial risk. You might have seen your dream car or just fancy a change. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to invest in a new car at some point.


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