What Your Dad Wants for Father’s Day This Year

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Some might argue that men are harder to shop for than women. Women, after all, usually have lists of things they want and they’re not afraid to tell you what those things are. Men, however, tend to buy the things they need for themselves. But it seems that people of both sexes are getting pickier about items they want, according to recent surveys. So, what does this mean for you? If you consider the man or men in your life to be picky recipients, you’ll need to get creative on Father’s Day this year. Stick with some of these great ideas and you’re sure to get a smile out of even the choosiest dad.

Coffee subscription

If your dad or husband is an avid coffee-drinker, this Father’s Day gift is a no-brainer. Sign him up for a monthly coffee club subscription so that he can have a variety of blends sent to his doorstep every month. The rest of your family will be happy to get in on this gift, as well. Maybe your sister can buy him a new coffee maker and your brother can buy him a grinder. He will love getting to explore new flavors and the freshest coffees every month.

Gym membership

Most men are not offended by a membership to their local gym, especially if they’ve already talked about signing up. Find out where all his buddies work out and get him a membership at the same club. This could be a small gym close to his work where he can stop in after his day, or it could be the new gym across town that he’s been wanting to try out. If he’s never been much into physical fitness, you might want to get him a month-to-month membership rather than a long-term contract.


About 83% of men said they want electronics for gifts. The type of electronics you get, however, will depend entirely on him. Older men, like your father, for example, probably aren’t into super high-tech gadgets. But your husband, on the other hand, might be. Check out the newest technology at your local electronics store or get a little nosy about how he spends his time. Does he work long hours from home? Maybe he would like a new laptop. Does he play video games to unwind? Perhaps his gaming system needs updating. If nothing else, he could probably always go for a bigger TV for his man cave.

Gift cards

Some people find it impersonal to give gift cards, but men have revealed that gift cards are typically the second item on their gift lists. You can get really creative with them too, possibly sticking a few from his most-visited stores into a six pack of his favorite beer. Or you can supplement his other gifts with gift cards. For example, you could buy him a new tool cabinet and include a gift card to your local home improvement store. Gift cards are also a great way to get him to dress a little nicer if you’ve been trying to get him out of his sweats. Or to take on more of the projects around the house that you’ve been begging him to do.

Money-making tools

If the father in your life is into making extra money, he might really like to learn some new investing strategies. Consider getting him a trading strategies guide, or buying him some stock in his favorite company. You can always talk to his investment broker if you’re not savvy about investing yourself. And if he likes to read, be sure to include a book or two from his favorite financial gurus.

Buying gifts is always a little tricky, but with this gift guide, you’ll be well on your way to securing the best gifts for the men in your life.



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