Is It Possible for a Digital Nomad to Save Money Working in Singapore?

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A digital nomad is an individual that uses technology to work from any place. There are various fields from which one is able to generate income while working online, such as writing and web design, among others. Singapore is one of the countries in Asia with suitable environments for people interested in working as digital nomads. This country is well known for high living standards, meaning that one must find ways of establishing a comfortable life. However, for digital nomads, there are various ways of saving money, and at the same time, enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This paper examines the multiple ways of saving money while working as a digital nomad in Singapore, a highly developed and expensive country.



Singapore is a country with highly developed cities. This means that the cost of living in the apartments and flats are generally high for low-income earners. Therefore, deciding on the most affordable residence is crucial for a digital nomad. There are areas with affordable apartments, which suit the budget of many digital nomads. The point is, decide on the accommodation that does not eat up most of the income earned. Also, some digital nomads choose to stay with friends for the period they are in foreign countries, while others opt for house sitting. Since digital nomads work from home, some choose to stay in the houses whose owners are away, either for business or vacation. Housesitting is usually free of charge, and it helps a lot to cut on accommodation expenses. Therefore, the rest of the money is saved.


Transport is another area in which digital nomads have the potential to cut down expenses and save a lot of money. This is due to the consideration that most of the work is performed indoors. The infrastructural development in Singapore’s cities ensures the availability of various means of transport. Public transport is more affordable in these cities, using means such as buses and trains. Also, consider personal means of transport, such as using a bike or even walking when the distance to be covered is not that long. There are other means of transportation, including cabs or uber. However, these are to be considered depending on the urgency of the situation. They are a bit costly than the public means. Therefore, they come as a second or last priority for people that are working on savings. When these measures are acted upon by digital nomads, a considerable amount of money is saved.


One other consideration for digital nomads that aspire to save money is entertainment, especially in Singapore. There are many posh joints in the cities, where people go for drinks, dinners, or night-life. When working on savings, these expensive places are not pocket-friendly. Instead, it is much less costly to visit local hangouts, where prices of items are generally low. It is widely believed that digital nomads earn a lot of money, suggesting that there is a lot of extra cash for entertainment. Therefore, to deal with such urges to hang out in places such as concerts, dinners, and drinks, as well as weekend trips, it is good to set a certain period meant for these activities. Having specific days of the month meant for a bit of fun is a sure way of scaling unnecessary spending and increasing savings.

Using the Local Library

There are many modern libraries in the cities of Singapore. They are developed and fully equipped with free Wi-Fi! Moreover, the atmosphere is friendly, especially for online working. Digital nomads should consider spending their working hours in these libraries to reduce the amount of money spent purchasing data while at home. Furthermore, one is allowed to visit libraries with drinks and snacks, which minimizes the expenses of buying meals while outdoors. In the process, a lot of money is put back to savings.

Gym Expenses

Sitting and working from home is not healthy for the body and mind in the long run. As a result, many people working from home prefer registering as members of the nearby gym facilities, especially in cities. The cities in Singapore are not an exception. Considering the high level of development, urban areas have several advanced gym facilities that operate on the basis of membership, which is expensive. For these reasons, digital nomads that are after saving some money working in this country should consider taking their exercises from home. Also, many physical fitness programs are run online at more affordable costs. Therefore, as someone working online from home, these alternatives are a sure way of cutting unnecessary expenses when it comes to keeping oneself physically and mentally fit.

Goals Are a Guideline

This comes last as the most critical aspect to be considered while thinking of starting to grow personal savings. It does not matter where one chooses to live while working as a digital nomad in Singapore. Generally, the country is all-round urbanized, with high costs of living. Having acted upon several other factors geared towards effective savings, it is critical to set clear goals based on one’s income. The goals are a good guideline on expenditure, and how much to be saved, to minimize unwanted purchases. Without clear goals, one might end up spending every dime earned without realizing it. Effective saving requires one to stick to their budget, which is determined by considering short and long-term goals.

The Bottom Line

Living and working in Singapore as a digital nomad has its advantages in terms of exposure. However, while earning from working online, one needs to consider ways of ensuring that a considerable amount of money is saved. This paper has discussed some of the many ways the aspiration of saving is realized for the digital nomads. It is good to have a clear-cut budget that addresses all the necessary expenses and ditching those that are least useful. The digital nomads need to be guided by their personal financial goals, which go a long way in limiting their daily expenditure. All that having been said, the digital nomad needs to be creative in saving while at the same living a good life. If you need help in saving, approach a legit lender, such as A1 Credit. You will receive the best help.



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