How Much Does SEO Cost?

In every conversation with SEO companies, one of the common and important questions that come up is “How much do you charge for SEO?”

For decision-makers, the cost of SEO is a major factor that prompts them to work with an agency. That said, how much SEO providers charge on their services vary across the industry.

It Depends on Who You’re Hiring

First things first –are you planning to hire a freelance SEO specialist, get a new SEO talent for your in-house marketing team, or an agency?

Knowing who to hire will give you an idea of the scope for the SEO work. Freelance SEO specialists, for instance, can be ideal for one-off projects. SEO services that Utah agencies offer, on the other hand, can be the most viable option if you want a full range of specialized marketing services for your business website.

Determine the Payment Model

Freelance SEO specialists, consultants, and SEO agencies use different payment models for their services. You may encounter four types:

  • Hourly rates: Freelancers and consultants often price their SEO services on an hourly basis. Costs for hourly SEO rates may range from $75 to $150. SEO agencies offering hourly rates are likely to charge more than freelancers and consultants.
  • Project-based rates: Some SEO specialists and agencies charge a fee for some of their work. For instance, businesses that need extra link building may start a one-off project to boost their rankings. The average cost for a project-based SEO is $500 to $1000. This may also depend on the scope of the work involved, which is why some agencies provide ala carte services to businesses.
  • Monthly retainer: With this payment model, SEO specialists arrange a specified fee every month in exchange for their services. This is the most common model that SEO agencies offer for businesses. SEO services under a monthly retainer scheme usually include on-page optimization, content writing, link building, and analytics. The average cost for a monthly SEO retainer can go from $500 to $5,000.

When talking to an SEO company, make sure you look into their payment models and determine if the scope of work justifies the cost for their service.

Balance Your SEO Costs with Other Digital Marketing Initiatives

A common mistake among business owners is thinking of SEO as the be-all and end-all of their digital marketing strategies.

SEO is just one part of the digital marketing umbrella. It’s important for businesses to have a balance of different marketing initiatives. In short, don’t put all your marketing spend in one strategy.

Consider how much you’ll be spending on social media, email marketing, paid ads, influencer marketing, and other marketing initiatives. Measure the effectiveness of each initiative to know which yields the most returns. This will allow you to determine how to allocate your marketing budget.


Final Thoughts

Not all SEO services are equal. Quality SEO services will require you to pay a bit more than your budget, but the returns can be just as great for your business. It’s a matter of finding the right SEO provider who can match the goals and needs of your business.


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