Must Have Technologies for Web Hosting Providers

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A good web host ought to support all web technologies that you need for your website; otherwise, you might lose customers due to lack of important features. Although there are many web hosts, you might not find the technologies you need in most of them.

That is why you have to shop around and take time to scrutinize the kind of technologies offered by leading companies. If you are looking to launch a business website, make sure the web host offers these technologies.


Database Technologies

If your website is a web application where users can join to store or retrieve data, you will need a way to store the data and ensure its security. There are some basic database technologies that have to feature in the hosting plan. These include MS-SQL, which is a Microsoft proprietary program for sites that would like to integrate Microsoft technologies like ASP. You also have the popular MySQL, an open source database software that is the most affordable option if you don’t have a big budget. You should also check if the hosting provider offers MS Access and Oracle database systems.

FTP Access

Many hosts still give access to your web server only through a web form. However, this comes with limitations because you cannot have access and control over pages. It also requires a few more steps to upload your content.

So while looking for a host, make sure there is FTP access that allows easy navigation when you want to add new contents and pages. Note that this does not have to cost you more because it’s a must-have feature that every web host should offer. To see hosting providers that have all the features you need, you can check this cheap hosting comparison page for more information.

Important Hosting Features

There are more features that you need to enhance your access to control tools.

Here are few you should consider when choosing a web host:

Control Panel

With a hosting control panel, you can maintain your website with ease, and you will have access to administrative commands like dot-files and permissions.

SSH Access

This allows you to access pages from the server and it’s a perfect way to test CGI scripts.

Security Features

Besides other features that are rooted in performance, you also should consider security. A web host should provide a few security technologies including SSL certificates, data backups, and firewall systems.

Email Accounts

Email handling is important to any business, so while choosing a host, check that there are email accounts. If your business sends automated emails, say after a user has registered, then there should be an email server to work on this.

Make sure before you choose a hosting provider the company offers all essential technologies. You should confirm that languages like PHP and ASP are featured in the list of available technologies. Remember to consider security technologies that will help shield data and ensure users don’t lose their personal data to hackers. Most importantly, ensure that the database features available are compatible with the kind of technology your website is developed with.



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