2013 Nissan Altima: The Best Brake Pads and Rotors

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Finding 2013 Nissan Datsun Altima brake pads and rotors can seem like an easy task…until you actually start shopping. If you’re new to DIY brake jobs, you may be confused by all the lingo. Just what are ceramic brake pads anyway? And why do these rotors have holed drilled into them? Fortunately, some useful information can help you navigate your way through parts shopping. This short guide explains brake pads, rotors and what you need to know for picking the best products for your Altima.

What Brake Pads Do You Need?

Most consumer brake pads come in three styles – organic, semi-metallic and ceramic. You may also see ferro-carbon, para-aramid and ceramic-carbon fiber pads, but those are mainly for racing applications. And no, your daily commute doesn’t count as a race. But knowing the difference between these types of brake pads can help you select ones that meet your needs:

  • Organic pads contain rubber, carbon, glass, fiberglass or a mixture of these materials.
  • Semi-metallic pads include iron, steel, copper or metal alloys plus graphite lubricant.
  • Ceramic pads are primary composed of ceramic compounds.

Your driving style and conditions should dictate which pads you buy. The average commuter does well with either organic or semi-metallic pads. Some advantages of organic pads include less dust, quieter braking and lower costs. Semi-metallic pads are ideal for commuting during extreme weather. They’re more expensive and tend to produce more dust. But on the flip side, they can handle more friction and higher braking temperatures. Some excellent organic and semi-metallic Nissan Altima brake pads come from Duralast’s standard line.

Most commuters won’t need ceramic pads unless they drive in a wide range of temperatures and driving conditions. They’re typically classified as high-performance pads thanks to their benefits and premium materials. Ceramic pads are quieter and generate less dust than semi-metallic pads, but they’re also pricier. You can find ceramic pads in many brands, including Duralast Gold, Max and Elite.

How Much Do New Rotors Cost?

Naturally, you may ask “How much does it cost to replace brakes?” And as you may deduce, the price of brake rotors factors into that total cost. Many things determine rotor pricing: what you drive, how much driving you do and your general driving patterns.

As you shop, you’ll usually see two types of rotors: blank and vented. Blank rotors are usually OEM, which means they’re standard issue on most vehicles. Vented rotors have surfaces that are either slotted, drilled or both. These are designed for beyond-the-norm conditions – wetter climates, racing applications and so forth. The average driver can usually get solid performance out of blank rotors like those in Duralast’s standard and Gold product lines.

Finding the Best Brake Parts

Now that you have some general guidelines, it’s time to go shopping for 2013 Nissan Altima brake pads and rotors. The key to getting the best quality, performance and value is selecting parts that match your needs. Buying your parts at a reputable dealer also helps ensure that you get the highest quality at the best price.


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