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5 jobs that are set to boom in the next decade

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If you listen to some of the prophets of doom out there, then job prospects for the human race are bleak. Before long, machines will do everything that we are currently paid and trained to do, reducing the number of jobs out there and leaving us all with increasing difficulty when it comes to finding employment.

While it is undeniable that driverless cars are going to reduce the need for jobs in the driving industry and self-service check outs mean that working on a till in a store could become a thing of the past, the way in which the world is changing means that new jobs will be created all the time.

Here are five jobs in industries which could be booming in the next decade

Bicycle repairer

There are 66 million people who regularly ride a bicycle in the United States. As people become more concerned with their health and getting fitter, that number is only going to increase – indeed, its risen by 20 million over the last 10 years alone. This increase in the number of cyclists naturally translates to an increase in the number of people needed to fix and maintain the nations bicycles, with skills ranging from knowing how to install and replace wheels, adjusting gears and brakes and physically building an entire bike from scratch.


Stats are everywhere now. Whether it be in helping a major retailer know what works best when it comes to a marketing campaign to the advent of Moneyball in baseball, more and more businesses and companies are turning to statisticians to tell them how they can get more value for money and in turn, more profit. If you’re good with numbers and have a fascination with trying to predict what will happen by using them, then becoming a statistician might be for you.

Software developer

The machines might be coming for our jobs, but they still need someone to program them. Whether it be a spreadsheet on a personal computer or a game to keep kids entertained on a tablet, software developers help create the programs that help us work and keep us entertained. As more and more people become owners of smartphones and ever powerful computers, the need and demand for advanced programs is only going to increase. Currently, the salary of a software engineer is in the 6-figure mark so already the field is a highly financially rewarding prospect.


HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As climate change continues to bring ever more extreme weather patterns to the world, ranging from harsher winters to much warmer summers, our desire to control the temperature of homes, work places and vehicles means that HVAC is a booming industry. There are plenty of schools out there now which offer HVAC Training, allowing you to become a fully qualified engineer in an industry which is only going to grow as weather becomes more unpredictable.

Solar photovoltaic installer

Keeping on the theme of weather, a solar photovoltaic installer effectively installs solar panels. With more and more people turning to renewable energy sources in an attempt to reduce energy bills and save the planet, solar photovoltaic installer is the career field with the most projected growth in the US for the next decade at an astonishing 105.3%. Most of the skills needed are picked up on the job and anybody with a high school diploma can enter the industry.



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