How to Find a CRM Real Estate Program That’s Not Terrible

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Real estate is a highly competitive market. The predictions of a new real estate bubble have been completely wrong for years now. In 2018, 90% of US real estate markets saw gains, and there are no signs that this is going to be any different in 2019.

If you want to stand out as a real estate agent, you need to nurture relationships with your clients. The real estate business is not just about buying and selling houses. It’s about building relationships, so people pick you as your real estate agent.

So how do you find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that really works for the real estate market?

Look for a Specialized Real Estate CRM Program

This is the first big mistake people make. You can’t just choose any old CRM program. Every market is different, and a bunch of standardized features aren’t going to cut it.

For example, Ixact Contact CRM is a real estate CRM program that provides you with tools dedicated to the real estate market. One such feature is its contact management feature, where it provides rich information on prospective business.

Yes, there will always be similarities with CRM platforms in other industries, but you need a CRM platform with modules geared towards your field.

How Easy Does It Integrate?

No CRM platform should force you to change the way you operate. It should integrate seamlessly into your business.

So, ask yourself how easily can your real estate CRM program fit into your business?

The fact is that 63% of CRM projects fail, and one of the main reasons is that businesses just can’t integrate it. You shouldn’t have to alter the backend of your business to accommodate a CRM platform.

Does it Make You More Efficient?

The main point of a CRM program is to make your business run smoother. Real estate has never been more competitive, with the National Association of Realtors seeing a 25% jump in membership over the past few years. You can’t afford to slow down.

Therefore, a free trial of any CRM software is so essential. You should have the chance to test drive your CRM platform before making a commitment.

Ask yourself the question as to whether it’s making things easier. Do you have to do less to manage and nurture those customer relationships?

If the answer is no, you know you need to look elsewhere.

What are Other People Saying?

The chances of you stumbling upon a real estate CRM program that’s wonderful and that nobody else knows about are slim. That’s why you must look into what other people are saying about popular real estate CRM dashboards.

Do your research. Search Internet forums. Listen in on what other realtors around the country are using.

It takes time, but it will point you in the right direction.

Last Word – Choosing the Right CRM Platform for You?

We didn’t mention price because while this is a consideration it’s far from the most important aspect. Yes, compare price between two of your shortlist candidates, but it should never be your primary point of selecting.

Do your research and always consider how a CRM platform can improve your business.

Have you looked into using a CRM platform yet?



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