How to Move in Less Than a Week Without Losing Your Mind

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Preparing to move to a new house can put your life on hold and cause chaos. Every year 35.5 million Americans move to a new house and have to go through the difficult process of moving.

But if you plan your move right you can move in less than a week without wanting to curl up into a corner and cry. With the help of Edmonton moving company Matco, you’re going to find out how you can move fast without losing your mind.

Stop and Plan

Don’t just start trying to throw things into boxes. You need to stop and plan. Sit down and consider all the things you need to prepare before you move.

This is the time to think about hiring a moving company like Matco. If you intend on bringing in professional help to smoothen the process, you should do it now.

If not, you should think about supplies and logistics. How are you going to pack everything and make sure everything gets to your new home safe?

Get Help from Others

Whether you’re using professionals or not, it’s always good to have friends to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most good friends will be willing to help, even if you’re only offering pizza and drinks when it’s all over.

Don’t try to tackle packing everything up by yourself. This is how you start to get stressed and how you start to lose control.

Plus, some heavy items may be impossible to move without help.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

When you’re packing in a hurry you might not have the time or resources to take everything. But you can accelerate your pace by getting rid of what you don’t need.

The thrift store industry is worth $10 billion, and for good reason. What you can’t sell you can easily donate to a thrift store and someone else can enjoy it.

Old clothes and DVDs are just some of the most common items that can really save you time if you just leave them behind.

Deal with the Admin Tasks

Don’t forget to formally change your address with your bank, the post office, and anyone else who needs to know about your change of address. Also set some time aside to shut off the electricity, water, gas, and Internet. Don’t leave this until the last minute as some companies are more bureaucratic than others.

Make sure you tell the IRS directly too because USPS don’t always automatically forward government checks.

Organization isn’t Important

The perfect move is attainable when you have a few weeks to prepare. But don’t concern yourself with it when you have so little time. Focus on packing everything safely. You can worry about organization when you get to your new home.

According to Matco, the obsession over perfectly organizing everything is why people get so stressed over moving fast.

Last Word – Hire the Professionals to Make Things Easy

The easiest way to prepare for moving with a moment’s notice is to hire a professional moving company. They have the expertise and they will provide all the transport, manpower, and supplies you need to make it to your new home.

It might cost, but you’ll save a lot of stress in the long-term.


Are you ready to move?



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