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Get Your Pool Ready For Summer In 3 Easy Steps.


Summer is the perfect time of year for pool parties with your friends and family. You can spend time in the water playing games or relaxing. It’s also the perfect location to teach your kids how to swim and to do some daily exercise. The warm weather makes taking a splash in a swimming pool extremely appealing. It’s unlikely you’ve been using your swimming pool a lot during the winter months. So now is the time to get it in top working order before summer arrives. To get your pool safe, clean and ready,  follow these three easy steps.

Inspect your pool

To begin with, you need to inspect all areas of your pool. If you have covers on your pool currently, these need to be removed. This will allow you to see all areas of the pool clearly so you can assess what work needs to be done. You might need to buy some suitable swimming pool paint to repaint areas what are peeling or cracked. If you have cracks in or around the pool, you will have to hire a specialist to repair them as soon as possible. Loose tiles, leaves, and debris should also cause issues if not repaired for replaced. This initial inspection will allow you to budget and plan your time more efficiently.

Clean your pool

Invest in some pool cleaning products and tools, if you don’t already have some, that are designed for your type of pool. Use a net or vacuum to collect leaves, twigs and debris from the surface and bottom of the pool. Next, use a brush to clean the floor and walls of your pool. This is something you should start doing each week as the pool gets more use. Then, you need to clean out your swimming pool filter. The filter in your pool collects leaves and dirt which stops your pool from being as clean and clear as it should be. You should be cleaning this out every day until the water looks crystal clear again. This can sometimes take up to a week, so make sure you have sufficient time to complete this process.

If you don’t have time for this maintenance work, hire a pool cleaning specialist to help you instead.

Have your water tested

To ensure that the chemicals in your swimming pool are perfectly balanced you need to have them tested. You can take a sample of your water to a pool store, where they can fully test the pH, chlorine, and sanitary levels. Alternatively, you can hire a specialist to visit your home to test your pool water. They will be able to tell you what adjustments need to be made to make your pool suitable for use.



Now you’ve implemented these steps; you can start planning your upcoming summer pool parties. Owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility, and it’s up to you to keep it clean and safe at all times. Keep it maintained so you and your family can make the most of it throughout the summer.




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