Foods That Make You Feel Fab Every Day.

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you’ve got no energy and no motivation to do the tasks in front of you? That’s what duvet days were invented for! But if you find you’re having more and more of those days, it might be time to address your lifestyle and diet. Fatigue can be caused by a lack of regular exercise. And it can definitely be a symptom of a poor quality diet. Fortunately, we’ve been looking into the best foods to try to help you feel fab all day long. There is quite a long list!

One of the reasons diet plans often fail is because we’re feeling tired and hungry when we’re on them. Combine any diet plan with a desk job and you’ll have your work cut out for you to succeed anyway. Sitting still all day simply doesn’t burn enough calories. It doesn’t get the circulation going or the heart pumping. This can lead to digestive problems as well as boredom. No wonder we’re reaching for snacks every hour or so.


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A cup of water can combat this better than you think. Don’t bring in a bottle. Instead, get up every hour and head to one of the office water dispensers. Thirst can often feel like hunger. So drink a cup of water before you reach for a snack. Combine that with the activity of getting up and moving around, you might just stave off that hungry feeling for another hour. If you’re drinking plenty of coffee on an empty tummy, this could increase that feeling of hunger as the caffeine is a stimulant.

Snacks that are easy to graze on while you’re at your desk are handy and convenient. But don’t get them from the vending machine! Instead, bring in a pot of mixed nuts. See if you can make them last the day! Hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and brazils all contain various nutrients that can help your body and mind feel fabulous. Almonds will even help combat your high cholesterol while walnuts are great for the brain.


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Nuts are also full of fiber so they can feel quite filling when you slowly graze on them during the course of the day. Eating slowly helps us all to feel more satisfied with less food. Whole grains can also feel quite filling. A homemade, healthy flapjack made with oats can provide just the stop-gap you need until home time. Use fruits to sweeten it, and low-fat butter alternatives to bind it. Remember, you need only a small square for a portion.


At home, some of the best foods you can eat can be mixed up together for a super smoothie. Bananas, oranges, berries and blueberries provide an awesome kick of nutrients essential to good health and well-being. Add some extra nuts and seeds as described at to get a smoothie that can improve your skin and your digestive process.


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Eggs can provide you with plenty of protein without all the calories of red meat. Protein is essential for strong muscles that support our body. The best thing about eggs is they’re so versatile. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can be scrambled and cooked in the microwave for convenience. Why not poach them? And a boiled egg with toast soldiers is perfect for any meal too. Eggs also go quite well with other foods like salad, fries, salmon, or pasta.


To feel strong, you need to have good bones. Calcium from milk and cheese aren’t the only way to build stronger bones. Prunes are thought to contain polyphenols that increase your bone density. Plus they’ll cure any constipation that is making you feel bloaty! You can add them to your yogurt or breakfast cereal. They can even be chopped into a salad dressing. Glucosinolates are thought to fight cancer. To get the best daily dose of these awesome detoxifying compounds, add a few Brussels sprouts to your evening meals.


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An apple a day is said to keep the doctor away. There may be some truth in that old saying. Apples are thought to help reduce your risk of lung cancer. They also make a tasty snack when you’re peckish! Apples are naturally quite sweet so they can be a great alternative to candies when you have that old craving. Blueberries are super berries that provide many nutritious benefits. Another great snack!


Salmon is one of the best fish to eat two or three times a week. When it is responsibly sourced, this pink beauty can provide you with all the Omega 3 your body needs to run smoothly. It can avoid the use of supplements. And some say that these natural fish fats can ward off cellulite and heart disease. Best of all, they are low in those nasty fats that hang around way too long so they’re great for weight loss. Oily fish also has many benefits, that all add up to making you feel fab.


To maximize the energy you get from your food each day, try eating brown rice. It’s one of the best foods for helping your body to energize after a meal. It’s also quite filling so you’ll feel satisfied for longer too. You could add some small cubes of avocado to your rice mix to provide you with healthy fats. It could make a nice change from chicken if you’re looking for a vegetarian option. Add some lentils for protein. Chopped cherry tomatoes can also add to that super feel-good factor.


Of course, we all need that little indulgence from time to time. Why is it we crave chocolate so much? Fortunately, it seems a little bite of dark chocolate can banish those cravings and provide a few health benefits at the same time. It contains fiber, manganese and iron. Most importantly it can help lower your blood pressure. Sure, there is a fairly high amount of fat and sugar added to each bar. But if just a bite can put that smile back on your face, it may be worth it. Happy eating.







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  • I always eat nuts while working as it makes me awake and keeps my brain working on a task for the day. I also drink a lot of fluid, a lemon water is what I take aside from water.


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