Are You a Candidate for Surrogacy?


The first requirement for surrogacy is a generous spirit. When you become a surrogate, you’re giving another couple or individual the chance to have a family. You’ll make emotional and physical sacrifices, but you may also feel a deep sense of satisfaction when you help someone else have a child. If you’re considering surrogacy, you’ll need to learn more about the difficulties and rewards of this process. Working with a reputable agency, such as Growing Generations, will be the key to making your experience a positive one. Here are some things to consider before you decide if surrogacy is right for you.

Health History

A gestational surrogate needs to be in good health in order to carry a baby to term. You should not have any chronic illnesses that could affect your chances of having a successful pregnancy, and you’ll be tested for infectious diseases. In addition, you’ll have a psychological screening to determine that you’re mentally and emotionally ready to handle the process. You should already have had at least one child before you become a surrogate. In the most common procedure, a woman becomes pregnant through in vitro fertilization with an egg from the mother and sperm from the father. You will not be genetically related to the baby you carry.

Support System

Before you proceed, you should to speak with your family, spouse or partner. Will those close to you support your decision to help someone else have a child? Many surrogates are married or in relationships, and some have children old enough to understand the process. Without the support of those close to you, your journey could be difficult.

Financial Compensation

As a surrogate, all your medical and surrogacy-related expenses are covered. Most women will also receive a financial compensation that recognizes the importance of their role and the degree of their sacrifices. Your pay may be substantial and could help you achieve some of your own dreams, such as establishing a college fund for you or your child.

Other Considerations

Before you take the next step in surrogacy, you may want to ask yourself a few more questions. Do you feel prepared for the injections and medical procedures necessary in the weeks before and after pregnancy? In vitro fertilization has a higher chance of multiple pregnancies. Are you willing to carry more than one baby to term, and do you understand what selective reduction means?

As a mother, you understand the rewards of parenthood. Surrogacy is a complicated process, but the final outcome of helping someone else start a family can make the journey one of joy and discovery.



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