Complete guide for the Udimi – Petar solo ads!!

Hey!! Are you also a fan of solo ads marketing strategies? Of course, who would not be they are very renowned and proven effective as well as efficient among all the other sales promotional techniques. Nowadays, solo ads are the apt choice for every pro marketer. Petar solo ads are having high-end consequences and can help grab your target market.

Let’s learn about the solo ads in the first place!!

Before, starting with the post we should acquaint you to solo ads. So, in short, you can say that the Petar solo ads are the email-based promotional text messages sent directly to your niche market. This generates a different variety of emails that has to be sent online to the customer’s list. They are sent to get the clicks on the link by the receiver in order to receive the response of the customers. In this solo ads market one phrase is very renowned- More the clicks more the success. This is the rationale behind the working and designing of the solo ads.

From making the lists to getting the clicks by the customers, all is done by one of the specialized agencies like Petar solo ads. They are working in solo ads field and in return, they earn the commission for it. They make the list of people from around the globe and detect some of the potential buyers from it. They short-list them and send them the briefing emails about the product.

These agencies get paid by the marketers as per the number of clicks the clients are demanding. Like 100 clicks for 15 bucks or 150 clicks for 18 bucks, etc. also, they have different charges for the categories of the potential buyer’s list like 1 tier buyer clicks (they are the buyers residing in the developed countries like Canada, USA, UK, etc.) are charged higher than the regular clicks.

How does solo ads market works?

Let’s hear how you can join this market and get started with placing the orders in the solo ads market.

  • At first, the joining is free of cost and any restrictions. Anyone can entre here and see different solo ads providers.
  • Then you to select the best service provider as per your requirements and costs.
  • After you have selected the apt advertiser for your solo ads promotion, now you have to finalize the date when the emails will go out and will be sent to the end buyers list.
  • Now, when you move forth you will the option available for selecting different packages of clicks at different prices. Like for instance, you want 50 clicks then your price for this is reflected in the corresponding side of the column. In this, you can place the order in your budget.
  • Now moving forward, you will the variant options for filters are shown. In general, it will ask you to choose between the 5 types of filters. They are – no proxy, no mobile, only T1, email solo ads, and web solo ads.
  • Let’s see the first filter here; no proxy is the alternative where the visitors will be giving their transparent proxies. So they will not get identified by their IP addresses. You will be charged some cents extra to get this filter work in your promotions.
  • Then, no mobile is the feature that let the publisher decide that the solos ads should not be promoted on through mobile devices. It is totally dependent on the publishers. So if they think that their email swipes and links are not effective to work with mobile phones. Then they can go for this filter. This will cost some extra penny of the amount.
  • Now, only the T1 filter is for those who want 100% clicks from the tier- 1countries. These countries are highly developed and wealthiest like USA, Singapore, Canada, Australia, etc. again, publishers have to pay some extra amount to their service providers as per their policies for it.
  • Lastly, you will get to choose between the emails solo ads or web solo ads. So, email is the general form of solo ads but web solo ads are the type of solo advertisement that will be shown on different social media platforms like Face book, Instagram, etc and some web pages. To opt for the web solo ads will also cost you extra cents.
  • Now you just have to confirm your order!!

Just sit back and wait for your clicks and subscribers now!!

Now the big question that is ticking in your head is-

What are udimi solo ads?

Udimi is a market place that is associated with the widespread network of all the advertisers and the publishers. This is the place where the buying and selling of solo ads are done regularly.

This is an effective and important part of solo ads marketing. A place like this can help you find many options in just one place. Also, you as a publisher can maintain good relationships with advertisers to get the constant rise in a number of the clicks and subscribers.

Udimi’s reviews by Petar solo ads

Finally, petar’s udimi solo ads review is ready to get revealed!! Let’s get there point wisely-

  • Pros :

  • They are transparent
  • Fair ranges
  • Security for buyers
  • User- friendly for buyers
  • Cons:

  • They guarantee sales on every order which seems misleading and unachievable promise.
  • Payments are delayed
  • Took a very long time to respond to complaints and queries.
  • If you want to make use of filters and all then you have to Google it for sure. You need to know some technical rationales behind everything it is not detailed well.
  • You might not find the sales are encashed well.
  • Extra charges for filters


Honestly, udimi guarantees unachievable sales goals and that too on every small order. This thing is a matter of concern because you may or may not achieve your full sales conversions.

Why Petar solo ads over udimi ads?

We are 40 % less costly than udimi. Also, we offer 95% 1 –tier countries that no solo ads company can provide without any extra charges. Fast deliveries of all the orders and always try to convert 20% over the delivery. Petar solo ads have all where udimi lacks in.




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