Gift Ideas for Your Anniversary For Any Amount of Time Together

Whether you’ve been married for years or just started dating someone, an anniversary represents an opportunity to show off your romantic side. Choosing the right gift can be stressful, and it can certainly be tempting to settle for the standard flowers and chocolates. But with a bit of imagination, you can find the perfect gift for the woman in your life that she will love. Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of gift ideas that will make your wife or girlfriend smile.


Comfort and Style

If she’s the laid back type, a comfortable tank top or sleeveless blouse can serve as the perfect gift. Then again, if you don’t know her size, check out the tags on some of her favorite blouses. Choose a solid color to maximize the options for matching the rest of her wardrobe. Or, select a blouse with stripes or a distinctive pattern to reflect her unique taste and style.

Sexy and Romantic

Say you’re planning a romantic evening with all the accouterments at home. In that case, a sexy camisole and night short ensemble will set the mood without being over the top. Choose a matching set in her favorite color and she’ll feel comfortable and sexy. Check the sizes of some of her lingerie or undergarments to ensure that your gift will be a good fit.

Sparkle and Shine

Jewelry is a can’t-miss gift for a special anniversary. If you’re not quite ready to pop the question, stylish earrings or a dainty bracelet still sends a romantic message without creating expectations. Best of all, there are beautiful jewelry pieces available at nearly every price point, which is perfect if your wallet is feeling a bit of a pinch.

Tasty Treats

Avoid the cliche restaurant scene and treat your special lady to an intimate evening of dinner for two, followed by drinks and sweets. Either cook something up yourself or order your favorite meal for delivery to share. Afterward, a bottle of champagne served in elegant flutes, accompanied by delicious sweets, adds up to a cozy, romantic evening, with no hard-to-get dinner reservations required.

A Romantic Getaway

If you and your wife or girlfriend can arrange your work or school schedules, a getaway to a bed and breakfast can bring the two of you closer together. Then again, if time and finances are tight, opt for a long weekend. A more generous budget and schedule can allow for a full-fledged vacation of a week or longer to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury on a Budget

Are funds super tight? Then you may be feeling extra stressed about getting that just-right anniversary gift. Of course, while you naturally don’t want to look cheap, you know that getting her a pricey gift just isn’t in the budget. Fortunately, it’s possible to show her how special she is without spending a dime. Make her a delicious breakfast in bed or take on an essential task that she really hates. Whatever it is, she’ll feel pampered and special — and, more importantly, your bank account will breathe a sigh of relief.

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversaries can create heightened expectations and a lot of stress. But whether you’re in a new relationship or an established couple, you will naturally want to do something nice for that special someone. Depending on your budget and her taste, comfortable clothing, a good bottle of wine, jewelry or an unforgettable shared experience can make your special day an occasion you will both remember!


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