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How to Prevent Basement Mold

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Homes that have damp and dark basements experience a lot of molds. This is a common problem, especially once the mold establishes a presence in your basement area. It is difficult to eliminate mold, particularly when it has spread out to a larger area. Also, it causes many health issues like coughs, rashes, allergies, and asthma, among others. Therefore, it is important to keep your basement clean and ventilated to prevent mold growth.  Also, you can do a lot of other things that will help control moisture and humidity in the basement as they help promote mold growth. Below are ways on how you can prevent basement mold.

Check humidity levels 

Did you know that there is the right percentage of humidity levelfor a home? This includes the basement area as there are a lot of things that are stored there that do not require high humidity as they will get mold and rot. Therefore, ensure that the humidity levels are below 45%, which is an acceptable level. You can measure with the hygrometer to see if your humidity levels are within the acceptable range or get a mold inspection company check for you and advice further. For that reason, if it is higher than 45%, find ways to dehumidify as it is a conducive environment for mold growth.

Keep plants out of your basement 

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In a case where the basement is also your living room. It is possible if you are a plant lover you have several indoor plants. The indoor plants are a good diet for mold and mildew and avoid them at all costs. This includes cultivation of any sort, as plants grow best in airy and sunny locations of the home. Additionally, mold loves to feed on soil and leaves, and the more you have altogether where there is no sun or air, the more the mold thrives. Optionally, you can have few plants for decoration purposes but ensure that they are mold-free. Keep checking on the soil and change it often if you see any sign of mold. These basement plants need a lot of maintenance and care if you need them to thrive with no mold on them.

Avoid congestion in your basement 

Where possible, keep your basement free of any clutter. However, if it is not possible to reduce the amount of stuff that you have there, it will be impossible to improve the flow of air. Most of these items that are in the basement are an organic food for mold, and with the moisture levels of the basement, it is a food source of mold. Some of these items are books, clothes, carpets and cardboard boxes where you keep all these things and others. Avoid direct contact with the walls and floors and ensure that everything you keep there is properly dried. Therefore, preventing mold will be easy as their food source is no longer available.

Take care of any visible water 

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In case you have water in your basements, maybe after a flood or through leaks and spills. You must take care of this matter immediately. As for spills and leaks, dry the water thoroughly, and you can use a dehumidifier to accelerate the drying process. Also, in case you have to deal with snow or rainwater. It is best to direct it away from your house to avoid water pooling around the house, increasing leakage and moisture problems. Ensure the boundary of your home is sloped to prevent any water damages than can seep through your basement, making preventing mold inevitable.

Insulate basement pipes, windows, and walls

Insulation is important to prevent mold from growing as it prevents condensation that is caused by the difference in pipe temperature and air difference. Check every pipe in that basement for this, as soon as you notice any drops of water on the pipes. There are many insulation materials that you can use and ensure that the pipes are properly changed and sealed. As for the windows, cover them to prevent condensation, especially during winter as the condensation issues cause a lot of indoor molds, more so in basements. Consider the basement under padding for carpets and floors and effective insulation behind walls as all these can cause dew points.

Dry your clothes outside 

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Basements are now a commonplace to dry clothes as they are the new laundry room. Not that it is wrong, but you need to control the humidity levels. This will help prevent possible mold growth on your clothes and other organic materials. Therefore, if you need to use your basement to dry your clothes, open the windows if any, doors, turn on air ventilators, or you can install a dehumidifier to help along the process. Therefore, other than having to go through all these options. Try drying your clothes outside as long as the weather allows it. They will dry well, and you will prevent mold in your basement.

Reduce humidifying factors

Humidifying factors are everywhere in a basement, and the best way to prevent mold is to reduce them. For instance, ensure any appliances that are in the basement exhaust to the outside like the stoves, dryers, air conditioners, and heaters. Also, as discussed earlier, avoid drying clothes in the basement as the humidity levels will rise. The wood flooring and carpets in the basement need to be removed if possible, among other things. Nonetheless, if you are having a hard time reducing the humidifying factors. Try using a dehumidifier to lower the moisture levels and keep them under check. Also, you can use an exhaust fan to air out stale and humid air, and to take in the fresh area.


In conclusion, the above ways help a lot to prevent mold in the basement of your home. Also, other ways are helpful to prevent any moisture from getting trapped there and providing a good environment for mold growth. For instance, seal the cracks in the basement wall with a waterproof coating among others. Above all, if you notice any mold-like spots, you can contact professionals to test it and advise on how to prevent future mold occurrences.



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