Everything You Need to Know About Your Kids Learning to Drive.

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We all remember what it was like for us first learning to drive; an exciting yet daunting prospect. However, things seem to have changed so drastically from the times when we could have a couple of lessons with our parents and then be ready for the road. Nowadays, the tests are harder; the lessons are more in-depth, and the whole process is incredibly expensive. If your kids have already started going on about their 17th birthday or getting a car, then here is everything you need to know about them learning to drive.

The Lessons

It is important for your teenager to get as many driving lessons as they can before you take them out in your own car. It’s good to start with a beginner’s package, which combines several hours of lessons with tutoring on how a car works, road safety and everything else they may possibly need to know. On average, it takes around 40 hours of lessons before someone has all of the knowledge they need to take their test; whether that be a full 40 hours with a driving instructor or partly with yourselves. If you are going to take your teen out for a few lessons then ensure you have the patience to deal with their mistakes and what will likely be some frightening moments. Remember, it is illegal for your child to learn to drive with anyone under the age of 21, who hasn’t been driving for 3 years or more, or with passengers in the back.

The Tests

The driving tests are split into several parts now, to ensure that every angle is covered. First there is a theory test, which in itself is made up of two sections. There will be multiple choice questions which are based on road safety, signs and general transport knowledge. You can buy a theory test book which includes everything they need to know, and practice questions, if you want to help them along. Next will be the hazard perception test, which is done using a computer and a mouse. During the test everyone will be presented with several scenarios, as if they were driving, that have potential hazards incoming. The mouse must be clicked as soon as the hazard is noticed, which will then give your child a score based on their reaction times and perception. Once the theory test has been passed, it is then onto the practical test. Only once the driving instructor gives you the all-clear should the practical test be applied for, as its an expensive thing to rush. Your teen will be expected to answer questions about the car and road safety, before being allowed to get in and drive. It is not uncommon for people to fail their first test, so try not to be too hard on your kid if they need to give it a few more chances.

Your little one is now finally grown up enough to be able to drive, once they’ve passed their test; which can be a difficult time for us parents. Try to show your support by going with them to buy their first car and helping them arrange tax and insurance. It can be a worrying time with our children on the roads, but they wouldn’t have passed their test if they were unsafe. They may have a bit more freedom now, but they’re not flying the roost just yet.


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