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Keeping Your Kids Healthy This School Year.

The health of your family is important, perhaps now more than ever, thanks to the pandemic that swept the globe last year. If you have no idea where to start to make sure that your family is safe and healthy, read the five tips below to help you keep your kids healthy this school year.

Watch For the Common Cold

The common cold has become a bit more frightening than it was before because of the fact that it could be something else masquerading as a cold. The same conditions in which the common cold thrives and spreads are also great for other things like COVID-19, which is why you need to watch for it. At the first signs of its development, get the relevant medications and up your vitamin intake so you can strengthen your immune system against it. It should help to know that the common cold has symptoms that normally last anywhere from 48 hours to 14 days, with the average person making a full recovery within ten days. Taking care not to catch and spread it will likely protect your children and the people around them from catching many other things.

Watch Their Mental Health

The daily stresses of school may get to your child at some point, and to avoid this, talk to them often. Create an environment in which your children can freely express themselves, so it’s easy to have them reach out whenever they are experiencing a rough patch. This will help them stay clear of mental health issues like anxiety and stress, which are enough to affect their physical health too.

Encourage Them to Eat Iron Rich Foods

Iron is an important part of everyone’s diet, and it is even more important for growing children. Make sure that your family is eating enough foods rich in iron or, alternatively, give them iron supplements so their daily levels remain optimum. While platelets are mostly known for their role in helping to control bleeding, they also release more than 1,000 growth factors and proteins. These help to promote tissue repair and healing, making it very important to ensure that you have optimum levels in your blood. Eating a healthy meal is so far the best natural way to help your body to fight infections and diseases, so make it a priority with all your meal preps.

Establish Good Sleep Patterns

Good sleep is important for good health, and so you need to help them get good sleep by establishing good sleep patterns. This may involve having a no-screen period before bed, having a short talk about their expectations and achievements, or even just freshening up for better oral and physical health.

Make Sure to Listen to Your Doctors’ Recommendation

Your doctor is your friend as far as your health is concerned, so always make sure to listen to their recommendations and follow their advice. Take your children for regular checkups as well, so that anything wrong will be easy to remedy, getting your child back in good form without having them miss out on their day-to-day activities for a long time. If your child loves sports like swimming, they may suffer from conditions like swimmer’s ear which clears up completely between seven and 10 days. Don’t over-emphasize issues that are not otherwise serious, and in the same breath, don’t play down potentially serious ones. Your doctor is the best person to guide you on this.

As a parent, it is important to make sure that your children are healthy and developing in the best way possible. Having a can-do attitude as well as never stopping learning will help you form strong bonds with your children and set them up for good health and success.


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