Knowledge Of Subway Screen Doors

What Is A Screen Door?

Subway Screen Doors 

The subway screen door is a high-tech product integrating architecture, machinery, materials, electronics and information disciplines, and is used on subway platforms. The screen door separates the platform from the train operation area, and the control system controls its automatic opening.

Full Height Screen Door

It is generally used in underground platforms. In addition to ensuring the safety of passengers, it also has the function of isolating the exchange of cold and hot airflow between the airflow in the tunnel and the air-conditioned environment in the station. Therefore, the air tightness of the screen door is required to be good, and it is generally installed The screen door is sealed with a brush, so that the heat exchange between the station and the section can be reduced to a minimum, and the purpose of energy saving can be achieved. The height of the door is generally 2800-3200mm, and this structure is mostly used for platforms equipped with air-conditioning systems.

Subway Screen Doors

Half-height security door

The main function of the half-height security door is to ensure the safety of passengers. The height is generally 1200-1500mm. Because it cannot completely isolate the impact of wind and noise on passengers, this structure is mostly used on ground platforms or elevated platforms.

Half-height security door

What Are The Characteristics Of Screen Doors?

Screen doors installed with sealed brushes can effectively reduce the loss of cold and hot air on the platform caused by air convection, ensure the safety of trains and passengers when entering and leaving the station, and reduce the impact of noise generated by train operation on the station. Create a safe and comfortable waiting environment for passengers, which has the functions of energy saving, safety, environmental protection and beauty.

Why Should The Screen Door Be Installed With A Sealing Brush?

  1. Safety and energy saving

The sealing bristles are dense and uniform with uniform thickness, neat peaks, no light leakage, no looseness, no falling off, and tensile strength ≥6KG. Proper use can maintain 98.5% airtightness, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. Prevent dust from flowing into the platform with the airflow in the track, because there is more dust in the track, and passengers inhaling too much dust are not good for the lungs. The density of the brush filaments is even, but also to prevent the loss of air in the platform.

  1. Sound insulation and heat insulation

When the train passes the platform and when the train brakes, it will make a lot of noise. The dense and uniform sealing brushes can slow down the transmission of noise, reduce wind pressure, and give passengers a comfortable riding experience.

  1. Play a sealing effect.


Product Features Of Screen Door Sealing Brush:

Product Features Of Screen Door Sealing Brush:

  1. The brush base is made of SUS304 with good corrosion resistance or an electrolytic plate with uniform color and good structure. The wool yarn is made of functional nylon yarn with high flexibility, strong resilience, strong elasticity, and abrasion resistance. It has a long service life. The wool yarn will not be deformed after passing one million times of high-speed running test.


  1. The brushes are dense and uniform in thickness, with neat peaks, no light leakage, no looseness, no falling off, and tensile strength ≥6KG. Proper use can maintain 98.5% airtightness, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.


  1. Pass the SVHC test and meet the ROHS EU standard; the flame-retardant brush has passed the UL94-V0 test of the highest level of flame-retardant (extends from the fire, no burning material drips), burns non-toxic, low smoke; passed the Bombardier smoke density test, Comply with EN45545-2 EU fire and flame retardant smoke poison test requirements.


  1. Easy installation and various styles. #6063 Doorside aluminum bars are available in H, F, Y, and T types, totaling more than 70 styles.


  1. A R&D team with 17 years of experience, tailored to customers. Reasonable design and diversified specifications can meet the sealing requirements of gaps of various shapes.


Commonly used door side aluminum strip shape:

Commonly used door side aluminum strip shape:

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