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How to keep your home safe for your kids

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Though you might feel like you have done enough to make your home safe for kids, especially those aged between 1 and 3 years, there are high chances that you have left something unattended. Your efforts to child proof your home should not only be focused on the living room but in all parts of the house. It is advisable to use public storage to hold items that are not frequently used in the house but can pose danger to kids. Here are more tips for keeping your home safe

     1. Pay attention to crib bars

When getting a crib for your kids, consider going for one whose bars are not more than 2 to 2 3/8 inches apart. Crib bars that are too spaced can allow babies to slip through or even get strangled in between the bars. In the event you use a crib with spaced bars, try weaving a cloth in between the bars to block the spaces. Also, avoid corner posts that are sticking up because such posts can catch items that children can wrap around their neck. To keep your child safe, consider unscrewing or cutting off any corner posts. Further, place baby cribs away from drapes or curtain cords as well as electric cords as those can get around your baby’s neck.


  1. Keep hot and sharp items out of reach

In the kitchen, ensure that sharp objects like knives and forks as well as hot drinks and foods are not stored or placed on areas that children can reach. When cooking, use the back burners of the stove and keep the handles of your cooking pots facing the back side of your stove. Ensure that cords of appliances are not within the reach of children at all times.

  1. Store medicines and other poisonous objects away from children

Keep all medicines, cleaning supplies, supplements and other poisonous ingestible items in locked cabinets where children cannot reach them. This is because children cannot be able to differentiate between candy and medicine. In the even that your kid ingests something that he shouldn’t, it is best to reach out for medical help immediately. You can learn more about storing medical products safely in your home by attending home safety live streaming sessions.

  1. Avoid leaving your children in the bathtub unattended

Kids can easily drown in very little water. As such, it is best to always ensure that your child is accompanied by an adult whenever he is in the bathtub.  If you have to respond to something urgently like answer the door bell or phone call, you are better off taking the child with you. Also, be sure to check the temperature of water in the tub before putting your child in. Children have very tender skin that can easily burn if the water is too hot. When using the bathtub with children, be sure to unplug electrical items like hair dryers so they don’t cause electric shock in case they drop in the bathtub.




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