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Insulate Your Home with Stylish Wooden Blinds. #guest post

Winter can be a difficult time for homeowners. During the colder months, it can become extortionately expensive to maintain a constant temperature within your home. Drafts from windows and ill-fitting doors can end up costing you a fortune, but there is another option; wooden blinds can help you keep heating costs down.

Keeping a house warm is rightly always at the top of a homeowner’s priority and with rising gas and electricity prices, there has never been a better time to insulate your house with style, which means window installation could potentially save you half off your household heating bill. Food for thought.

Why Wood?

Wooden blinds are often preferred because they look stylish in every home, but they do have more use than just looking good. Hard wearing and durable, they will last for years and a quick wipe with a duster or damp cloth will get them back to their best. Choosing wooden blinds also has the added benefit of insulating your home in the winter, and shading you from UV rays in the summer.

The wooden blinds can create a style and finesse in any type of decorated room. Their lack of pattern and natural finish ensures that they suit any room, and will not clash with the carpet or sofa. They can also block out the natural light so work really well in the bedroom too.

Even good quality, double glazed windows can let the heat escape from the house. This can be prevented by purchasing some wooden blinds; it will make any room warmer and look stylish too.

A Return on your Investment

If you are on a budget, Thomas Sanderson can find the blinds to suit you, for the best price around. Wooden blinds are available in nice variation of different finishes, such as oak and chalk, there are styles and colours to suit every home.

A wise investment that continues its return year upon year, wooden blinds have long-lasting resilience and heat insulation. Wooden blinds have been proven to reduce loss of heat with the home by 51%

Two factors that make them very popular with customers looking to get the most for their money. Wooden blinds may cost a little more than their plastic counterparts, but wood lasts a lot longer and also has much more insulating properties than plastic.  The money spent will be minimal compared to what you save because the blinds last for such a long time, at least ten years in most cases.

Blinds on the window take the brunt of all weathers. They absorb potentially harmful sunlight and also block out the freezing drafts in the winter. It is therefore essential that the best equipment is provided to you, for the best price. If you are really looking for a good insulator, there is no reason to purchase cheaper blinds because they will not last as long, and they will not be as effective at removing the problems caused by outside weather.

Wooden blinds are inexpensive when compared to housing insulation, double glazing or a new roof, and they can be just as effective at making sure minimal of that costly heat escapes. If you are going to invest in blinds, consider getting motorized blinds to add convenience and ease to the long list of benefits wooden blinds provide. Never struggle with the strings and confusion of lowering and raising blinds and block out the harsh sun rays without fuss.

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8 thoughts on “Insulate Your Home with Stylish Wooden Blinds. #guest post

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  • I really like this idea. We just moved into a new home (for us) that is from the 1940s. Some of the windows are letting in a major draft. Wooden blinds are attractive and might help until we are ready to invest in new windows.

  • We’ve purchased a lot of new window treatments and have found that the insulating effect is indeed substantial. It’s amazing what a difference they make in keeping a room warm/cool.

  • I’d love to have them. My house is so cold.

  • It is so cold here. You wouldn’t dream how much window treatments can help keep your home warmer in this type of weather!

  • We have a huge window in our living room. I’d love to have wooden blinds for it.

  • Thanks for the post, I need new window treatments and its good to know that wood blinds save heat!

  • I have a big window in my home office and I’ve been thinking about what to do with it…I think aluminum blinds won’t look right in it and custom fabric shades or drapes would cost a fortune…I think I’m going to look into wood blinds now! Thanks for this post!


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