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The Impact of Improper AC Installation on Performance and Efficiency

An air conditioning system installed correctly saves homeowners money on energy costs; however, improper installation could waste energy and cause irreparable damage to equipment.

DIY AC installation should only be attempted if equipped with professional-grade tools and knowledge of refrigerant handling, and there are some telltale signs that an AC system hasn’t been correctly installed. Here are a few:

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Poor Airflow

Have you experienced low or restricted airflow when running the AC? It could indicate that the unit was improperly installed; consulting with an air conditioning professional may help determine the cause and find long-term solutions to address them.

Poor airflow can be caused by many issues, from incompatible equipment to improper refrigerant charge. One of the primary contributors to poor airflow is duct leakage; according to NIST research, leaky ducts are one of the issues that cause incorrectly-installed equipment to use more energy than necessary.

Your ducts must be appropriately sized to suit the size and layout of your home, insulated and sealed. A qualified technician can assess what size ducts you have installed and equipment compatible with them and check for leaks that might compromise airflow.

Frequent Breakdowns

Opening windows while their AC is running can put additional strain on the system and shorten its lifespan significantly. Opening the windows forces your AC unit to work harder to deliver a relaxed environment for you, thus shortening its lifespan and forcing more expensive models like compressor-based AC units into working harder than necessary.

Problems associated with improper AC installation include obstructed ducts that do not distribute air evenly throughout a household, leading to differing temperatures across each room and even contributing to musty smells and health concerns.

Untrained technicians may fail to clean your ductwork or add the right amount of refrigerant, leading to leaks that deplete its levels and force your system to use more energy to cool your house, potentially increasing energy bills significantly while shortening its lifespan and breaking down prematurely.

Inadequate Lifespan

Air conditioning systems are among the costliest home appliances, so proper installation is paramount for their longevity. Unfortunately, due to various issues, poor AC installation practices can shorten its life by years.

If your ductwork is leaky, cool air could leak out into unconditioned spaces like an attic or crawlspace, causing it to work harder than intended and increasing energy costs, and shortening unit lifespan. This forces it to work even harder than necessary, which strains its lifespan while raising energy bills.

Hiring an experienced technician knowledgeable about proper AC installation is the key to avoiding these common errors during AC setup, including wiring connections, insulation around ducts, and substandard refrigerant charge levels – these issues could cause your AC to perform poorly or break down prematurely.

Poor Air Quality

Your investment in air conditioning for your home was significant, and it should last its full expected lifespan. Unfortunately, hiring an inexperienced contractor to install it could limit its full potential and compromise its success.

Poor air quality in the home is often caused by improperly installed HVAC equipment. This could result from several reasons, such as missized ductwork, incorrect refrigerant charge, or limited air flow from vents.

Another issue related to outdoor units is inadequate clearance around them. Adequate space must be provided for the condensate pan, which collects any water that drips off while cooling, which gathers moisture that leaks into your home and causes significant damage if improperly located or placed.

Additionally, its drain should be sufficiently sized to prevent clogs from forming quickly and effectively – qualified HVAC professionals are well-equipped to address such issues quickly.


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