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How to Start Rebounding Fitness in Canada

Discover how to start your rebounding fitness journey in Canada with this comprehensive guide. Learn about the benefits of rebounding, whether through classes or rebounding at home with a rebounder trampoline. Find out how to choose the right rebounder trampoline and ensure safety during workouts.

Are you bound to rebound? Rebounding fitness has become more popular than ever. No wonder! This sport combines effective workouts with getting inspired by the youthful energy we as adults want to experience again. Trampolining on a rebounder allows you to release stress, boost cardiovascular fitness, improve your balance and reduce lymphatic issues.

But how to start it? There are basically two ways you can hop onto this workout trend. One would be simply signing up for classes in a major city. Simple, you pay for an instructed class once or twice a week. Yet, most people opt for rebounding at home, meaning that you also have to get a rebounder trampoline. However, as the classes are mainly available in major cities, they are not an option for most. Moreover, a rebounder tends to pay itself off within 2-4 months depending on how much you’ve invested in it in the first place.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get a rebounder trampoline in Canada and how to start this thrilling form of exercise. 


Choosing the Right Rebounder Trampoline

When embarking on the quest to find the one among many rebounders, you need a checklist that will allow you to complete the quest with success. This list should help you in taking the first step in your rebounding journey:

  • Size Considerations. Storing a big rebounder may be a hassle, but jumping on a too small rebounder trampoline is the best either. Note that the diameter manufacturer’s state is for the overall trampoline, not for the jumping area. 
  • Weight Capacity. Some rebounders have lower weight limits than others. Check the limits before purchasing any fitness trampolines.
  • Stability is Key. A Flimsy frame is not only unstable but also unsafe. Find a rebounder that has a solid structure to withstand the workouts.
  • Opt for Handlebar. You might think that you don’t need it. This is a misconception. A handlebar (that by the way can be detached easily) is not only for balance but also for support in advanced workouts. 
  • Price tells a Story. Saving on a rebounder by getting a cheap model is a huge mistake. While you definitely do not need to get the lux version with all bells and whistles, getting a 100-150 CAD cheapo is simply a bad idea. To find a good value for money, check these rebounders at around 400 CAD.

Rebounding Techniques and Safety Tips

Rebounding does not have many rules. In fact, it’s quite easy to start a form of exercise, which is exactly why it applies to so many beginners in fitness overall. However, there are some things that are good to remember when using a rebounder trampoline: 

  • Bend your knees. Locking your knees while jumping is going to strain your knees and create joint pain. So, even when standing straight, remember to have a light bend in your knees!
  • Use a handlebar. Many manufacturers where you can get a rebounder trampoline in Canada provide handlebars that go with the rebounder. It is useful for balance and coordination especially in the beginning. 
  • Do warm up exercises. It’s easy to think that ‘well, I’m fine without a warm-up’. But, you can easily strain your muscles and get over exhausted by skipping the warm-up. Remember to do active stretching and do light jogging and squats before starting any rebounding session.

Other safety tips include regular rebounder maintenance and doing workouts that are suitable for your level of fitness and rebounding skills. 

Planning Your Rebounding Workout

Offer tips on designing a rebounding workout routine, including cardio exercises, strength-building movements, and variations to keep workouts engaging.

Okay, so now that you have your new bouncy friend at home and you are familiar with basic safety tips, it’s time to plan your workout. Luckily, it’s highly unlikely that you have to create a workout routine from scratch. There are hundreds of rebounding influencers, including Canadian and American ones, who provide cool, free beginner-friendly rebounding workouts on their YouTube channels. However, even beginner workouts can vary. To choose the right workout for you, think about the following things:

  1. What’s my goal? Do I want to do fun workouts or focus on HIIT type of training? Do I want muscle training and non-bouncing parts to the rebounding workout? 
  2. What’s the optimal length for me? Some rebounding instructors focus mainly on 10-20 minute workouts while others have 30+ minute workouts. 
  3. Do I prefer workouts with or without background music? This divides opinions. Some like those dance party type of rebounder classes while others want it simple – just you and the instructor telling and showing what to do.

Once you’ve experimented with a few ready-made workout classes, you have enough knowledge on the basic rebounding moves to design a program that suits your needs, if you want to customize your workouts.

How to Stay Motivated?

For the first six months, you are likely to feel motivated with any rebounding workouts. But, like with anything, it’s normal that the initial crush stage turns into a more stable curve. A standard, something that you do. Yet, it’s absolutely crucial that you keep your motivation up. Here are some tips to stay motivated: 

  1. Set achievable goals
  2. Find a rebounding buddy
  3. Keep the workouts varied

So, to sum it up, your rebounding journey should be all about fun from choosing your rebounder trampoline to exploring techniques and trying out first workouts. It’s about finding the right balance between intensity and relaxation. It’s about releasing pent up energy and getting those happy hormones running through your body. So, do not wait – start rebounding today!


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