Using your kids’ cell phones to track them

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Parenting is one of the most stressful jobs in the world especially when your children have started to leave the house in order to go to school, visit their friends, or play outside on their own.

As parents, we always have a need to know that our children are safe and sound. And since most of our kids nowadays have their own cell phones, we can take advantage of that technology by tracking their whereabouts and ensuring their safety.

The first step would be to install a tracking app on their cell phone

If you want to track your kid’s whereabouts, you need to install an app on their cell phone. There are plenty of apps out there that can help you with this, depending on how exactly you would like to proceed.

Most of these apps take advantage of the GPS technology that already exists in the vast majority of smartphones. That way, you can simply get an app and start using the GPS on your kid’s cell phone to track it.

Some apps will let your kids share their location with you

If you trust that your kids will not lie to you and that they will always be willing to share their locations with you, then you can install an app like Find My Friends if they have an iPhone or Trusted Contacts if they have an Android phone like a Samsung, HTC, LG, or Motorola device.

How these apps work is simple: you add people you trust in the app and they can always see your location on a map. So your kids will add you in the app and you will be able to check their movements.

This method is very helpful because everyone in the family can keep track of each other at all times. So if your husband is late to pick the kids up, for instance, you can instantly see so in the app so you don’t have to worry about why they are not home yet.

Other apps will let you monitor their phones and their locations too

In some cases, our kids unfortunately break the trust that we have placed in them. You may have caught them lying to you, for instance, or they might have gotten in trouble in school or with their friends.

At times like these, you cannot really trust that your kids will tell you the truth about where they are or that they will willingly share their location with you via an app.

So you might want to consider investing in a service like TeenSafe which will not only let you track your kid’s cell phones through GPS, but also allow you to monitor their text messages, what they are doing on the web, and more.

That way, even if they try to lie to you about something, you will have proof of the truth. They will not be able to do anything without you know about it. This might sound like you are invading their privacy but young people are not always trustworthy and you might save them from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Tracking your kid’s cell phone is definitely worth it

When your kids grow older, you may have to trust them to make their own decisions and hope that they stay safe. But when they are young, they might not realize just how dangerous the world can be.

Tracking their cell phones is an easy way to make sure that they are safe. In fact, it might even be better for them because you will always feel safer so you may let them stay out for longer as long as you know where they are, for instance.


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6 thoughts on “Using your kids’ cell phones to track them

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  • We use Find my Friends all the time with our teens. It really gives peace of mind to be able to see exactly where they are whenever I want to check.

  • I love that we can track our kids via their phones. So many things to worry about these days, this helps ease the mind a bit.

  • This is great info. I have a daughter who is just starting to take a cell phone a few places and I definitely want to keep track of her, but I just didn’t know how to do it. I really appreciate this info.

  • Tech continues to become a bigger part of society every day. It’s great to see tools being made available that can help parents watch out for their children.

  • We purchased our kids iPhones for exactly this reason. Tracking the phones via Find My Friends or Find My iPhone has been indispensable. It’s also tied into the messaging app!


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