Ibogaine Treatment – Beating Addiction with Mother Nature

Ibogaine is a relatively new and unknown, to the modern day scientific community, psychedelic drug that has been proven to be extremely effective in the fight against addiction of most kinds. Its unique interactions with the brain and the chemistry within the brain help to heal the body of the physical stresses of an addiction. Depending in the type and kind of addiction, Ibogaine is used differently to treat different addictions, each falling into one of the following categories:

  •    Opiate and heroin addiction
  •    Long-acting opiate and blockers, such as: Methadone and Suboxone
  •    Other, non-opiate based addictions, for example: alcoholism, Adderall, crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, and tobacco

Ibogaine treatments for all of the above have proven to be extremely effective, having a prolifically positive impact all round. The Experience Ibogaine treatment program covers every and all aspects of a patient’s treatment, applying great emphasis on a safe and medically supervised Ibogaine treatment program.

The World’s Most Experienced Medical Team

You can rest assured that your loved ones are in able, capable, and competent hands with an Experience Ibogaine treatment program, as our medical professionals are the strongest and most experienced in the industry today. Our handpicked team of medical professionals have more than two decades of hospital and emergency room experience, are chosen due to their exceptionally strong medical backgrounds, with a proven track record within their chosen medical field. It is thanks to this dedicated team of professional medical practitioners that Experience Ibogaine is the success that it is today.

Small Treatment Groups

Smaller treatment groups allows patients to get the right treatment that they need, without having to fight for attention and recognition. More time and attention given to patient’s means more monitoring and personal attention they may not receive elsewhere. Through these smaller groups, Experience Ibogaine is able to maintain the highest doctor to patient ratio within the industry, ensuring the highest level of safety and security for all the patients at the center. The level of professionalism and experience at Experience Ibogaine is unmatched, bringing peace of mind to both the patient and their loving family members throughout this trying and difficult time.

State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities

Without the top of the line medical equipment and facilities, the team at the treatment center would not adequately be able to perform their jobs. That means neglecting the patients, and that is not what we are here for. Attention is paid to each and every detail daily, to consistently monitor, test, and replace any equipment that may be faulty. In addition to ensure the equipment is in perfect working order, these procedure ensure peace of mind for the patients and their families as they undergo this unique kind of treatment. Personal care and attention is a service that comes free of charge.

Sauna and Health Food Detox

Recovery and detoxification are paramount to recovery at Experience Ibogaine, helping patients to recover faster from the entire treatment process. A healthy diet, sauna time, and some forms of mild exercise are encouraged to help patients get through this difficult and awkward time, raising their energy levels and helping them to feel more positive about life and the future. With the proper detox and aftercare, long-term success of indefinite sobriety is a real likelihood from the foreseeable future.

Aftercare Planning and Coaching

With the proper planning and aftercare plan in place after a treatment, greater success rates can be achieved. Many patients fighting addiction may be overwhelmed upon returning home, adjusting to this environment with a new state of mind could be a challenge.  Every single patient that leaves the facility is urged and encouraged to have a complete and organized plan in place before leaving. This will greatly increase the likelihood of long-term success.

Ibogaine has proven its weight worth in gold as an effective treatment against the grips of addiction, and has been brought to us by through the splendor that is Mother Nature. An effective Ibogaine treatment is something that is going to changes lives for the better for good, and here at Experience Ibogaine, it’s our mission to make it the best Ibogaine treatment that you could ask for.



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