Hublot Classic Fusion: The Black Sheep in Hublot Collection

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Hublot watches are known to be the most sought out luxury watches for wearers. These watches are famous for their porthole shape. In fact the name Hublot is a French word that actually means ‘Porthole’. It is top rated in the list of swiss watchmaking and has a larger number of resellers across the Globe.

A Short History of Hublot 

The journey  was started in 1980 followed by Carlo Crocco. One of the subsidiaries of French Multinational corporation  LVMH specializing in goods, is wholly owned by Hublot organization . It was the first time in the history that a watch is created with the rubber strap. Carlo left his previous company and started a new journey on his own . He named Hublot after being inspired by the porthole design, it is the trademark of the company. Later on, many robust watches were introduced, with each and every model, a uniquely designed timepiece was seen every time Which made the company to be  one of the top-rated swiss watch makers. In 2005, Big Bang, many prize winning timepieces were introduced , in 2010 the classic fusion became the part of this unique collection and beat the big bang in aspect of design.

In the list of Hublot collection, a more refined watch than any of swiss manufacturer has ever made was seen labeled as Hublot Classic Fusion  .It can be referred as black sheep of this family.This timepiece is one of the milestone ,the Hublot have ever achieved though it is one of the most recognizable luxury sports watch over the globe . The reason it is top-listed in the collection of unique timepieces is because of its elegant design with a touch of decency in its making. It is available in different variations followed by the porthole design. Some top models are available with different complications like having a tourbillons and minute repetition.

Features of Hublot Classic Fusion

Flat, Porthole design-The artistry of the Classic Fusion is followed by the trademark of company ‘Porthole’. It is a more refined luxury sport watch made  than any of the previous watches. With Hublot’s incomparable touch of elegance in its design, it is a pinnacle of Hublot Collection and has a higher number of sellers and is demanded by watch enthusiast word widely. All of their timepieces are hand assembled. The manufacturing of this timepiece is in fact the great creativity at the part of designer and expertise in the skill of manufacturing. The design is followed by the fusion concept at the manufacturer side. These watches are originally made with ceramic, titanium or Gold and combined versions are also available.

Whether you are in a three-piece dress or in a casual dress, this timepiece always shines on your wrist, this watch in fact, shows your sense of buying and reflects your personality.

More Refined Luxury watch-  Fusion timepieces are one of the most desirable timepieces in the list of top-rated luxury watches, and officially introduced by the Hublot in 2010. The launching of Classic Fusion beat the previous version Big Bang with more modernistic look

Longtime Power reserve- it comes with the power reserve of up to eight days, so you don’t have to be worried about power losing.

Wide Varieties- The Hublot watches are available in a wide variety with different variations with respect to movements, designs and fine materials. The collection also contains Chronograph available in different cases made of ceramic, titanium and King Gold. Chronograph Titanium 45mm is worth mentioning, satin-finished with black rubber and alligator leather straps.

At the official site of Hublot there are five collection of Classic Fusion collection

  • 113 models – 3 hands
  • 63 models – chronograph
  • 14 models – Moonphase
  • 14 models-Orlinski
  • 11 models-Partnership

Top  models-The top collections feature tourbillon and a minute repeater increase the accuracy of timepieces. ‘Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater’ is the most complicated version of this collection features a minute repeater ensures exceptional accuracy. We can also see 14 models introduced in the collection  featuring moon phase complication.

How much is a Hublot Classic Fusion Watch?

Hublot watches are becoming a fashion symbol, and there is no doubt that these watches hold its value. The early versions cost about 4,000 USD to 8,000 USD. Chronographs in Classic Fusion usually cost from 10,000 USD to 40,000 USD but a rare version with King Gold Full Pave Bracelet 45MM Costs about 120,000 USD. Some complicated versions are costly like the C Fusion watches with Tourbillon and Minute Repeater is about 251,000 USD. It is simple, features vary, price varies. But it is worth the money.

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