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Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting RTA Cabinets

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The popularity of RTA cabinets (ready-to-assemble cabinets) has grown over the years, both in homes and on the market, for many reasons. Home and office cabinets are essential, if not major aspects of furnishing, so everyone wants to get it right.

Unlike the times when you had to consult a local cabinet builder to construct your home cabinets, there are multiple better choices to pick from today.

Right from the comfort of your home, you can purchase the best kitchen cabinets and have them delivered at your doorstep within weeks. One of these choices is ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets.

More recently, the demand for RTA cabinets has risen on the market, and many manufacturers have zeroed in on their efforts to produce this type of cabinet. In essence, a kitchen remodel should not cause any more discomfort than it takes to pay for it. The reasons below are reasons why you should consider purchasing RTA cabinets:

Speed and Convenience 

In comparison to pre-assembled or custom made options, RTA cabinets offer so much more convenience to homeowners. You can avoid the hassle of shipping large boxes of cabinets, which will take several weeks anyway.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the cabinets not fitting into the dimensions of your kitchen or bedroom. RTA cabinets ship faster and come in flat boxes, and are delivered at your doorstep in a few weeks. So, you also get to cut down on the waiting time.

Manufacturers find them easier to ship than already assembled cabinets. The same applies to assemble them, as they all come with all the necessary hardware holes and joints.

Save Extra Money 

Cost is, of course, the chief reason for the popularity of RTA cabinets among folks recently. Because of the shipping and labor cost involved in building pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, the buyer gets to pay way more than would be required when the choice is RTA cabinets.

The cost difference ranges from 30-60% depending on the dealer you purchase from. Some sellers will offer you free shipping if your order goes beyond a certain threshold.

However, this does not mean that they are inferior in quality or that the pre-assembled options are better in quality. RTA cabinets also make use of all plywood construction. RTA cabinets offer the best price to the quality ratio you can find on the market.

They are easy to assemble and install, and to top it all up, RTA cabinets are quite easy to put together. Contrary to claims that they require the attention of an expert to assemble, you`ll find that you can do it yourself.

The cabinets come with all the necessary holes pre-drilled. The doors and drawers are easy to assemble, and this does not take much time to do. You may also hire a handyman to take care of this task for a small fee.

The bottom line is that RTA cabinets offer comfort and quality, and also save you time and money. If this sounds like what you want out of your purchase, then you should consider getting RTA cabinets.



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