Difference between Psychic Reading and a Tarot Card Reading

People wonder what the difference between a tarot reading and a psychic reading is.  A psychic reading is when a psychic uses their gift of divination in order to be able to look at a person’s past, present and future.

A tarot reading has to do with symbols and cards that are laid out in order to read the future, past or present of the client.  The tarot cards have different symbols and meanings and must be interpreted by the reader.

A tarot spread is usually in four sections and the reader connects the messages to the client.


The biggest difference between a tarot and psychic reading is that the psychic gits that the psychic have can vary depending on who is doing the reading.  The psychic can tell about past or future events or to be able to give answers based on using cards or inner intuition.

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading is when a psychic will use the power of the universe and the energies that surround someone in order to read things about the person.  This uses a sixth sense and can allow the reader to be able to read into the past, present or future of the person that is getting the reading.

Since there is so much technology now, a psychic can even use text messaging or chat rooms in order to give a reading.  This means a psychic reader can give an expert reading without the person having to leave the house.

Tarot Reading

The tarot reading involves tarot cards and interpretation.  The tarot reading can guide the person o their future by using cards that are surrounded by energies.

With a tarot reading, the psychic can tell you what the future holds including your job, career, education, relationships and more.  There are different types of tarot readings and these can include different spreads and different kinds of cards.

Tarot readings can help you to have clarity in your life and can help a person see into the future.  The client can use the reading to get feedback not heir life.

In a tarot reading, there are ways that the people are involved and that includes both the reader and the person seeking the reading.  The reader takes the card and picks out a pattern that needs to be spread out.  Then they interpret what the spread means.

Each tarot card has a certain meaning and depending on the reader, the card will have a symbol and a relevance that needs to be interpreted.

The seeker will pick a card and the reader will read and interpret what the card means.  This can cover av variety of problems and situations that the seeker is going through.

Other Types of Readings

There are many different types of readings such as:

Clairvoyant-This is when someone uses their visions in order to do a reading.  They use smell, touch, taste, hearing and more to see into the future or into a person’s life.

Mediumship-A person that is a medium will be able to talk to people that have died and will be able to interpret and send messages between channels and the seeker.

Divination-A divination will use tarot cards and other tools in order to be able to identify negative things that are causing there to be problems in life.

Spirit guides-The spirit guides will communicate with the seeker and help them to do things that will make their life better.  They will protect them and communicate with them and share things with the seeker.

Telepathy-Telepathy is when someone can communicate with their mind to another person without saying any words.  This is power to give and get information form he seeker or from another mind.

Psychic reader-A person that is gifted with psychic reading can use different techniques in order to make a reading.  They can share their emotions and their thoughts and can change the way that the memory is used and how language is transmitted mentally.

Telekinesis-This is when a reader can change the way that objects are seen by concentrating on the object.  They might even be able to move the object with their mind.

Astral projection-Astral projection is when you can move your spirit from your body and allow it to travel to different places just by using the mind.

Levitation-Levitation is when a person can raise their body off the ground and float in the air.  This can happen for only a short time.

Supernatural control-A psychic can control their body and be invincible when needed to be.  They can also stop natural disasters and control the weather.

Getting a Psychic Reading

When you go to get a psychic reading, make sure that you find a place that is reputable and someone on that has experience in the reading.  A qualified reader will be able to do a reading across the world and will not be affected by distance.

Before getting started, ask questions and make sure that you are talking to a psychic that is not a fraud.  This is very important to protect you and your finances when getting a reading.  Ask the reader to do a trial reading and if they do not, move on to someone else.

Find out what services are offered and find out what is best for you.

Find people that are licensed, those that know what you are feeling, those that keep your information private, a counselor or therapist that is gifted in psychic powers and a life coach that is certified to help you reach your goals and help you to have a great reading.


Each psychic will be different, and each psychic reading will be different.  There is a difference between a psychic reading and a tarot reading.  Make sure that you pick which one is perfect for you and that you are able to interpret the results of the reading with a clear and open mind.



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