How To Store Family Photos Beyond The Plain Black Albums

Imagine your house being on fire. It almost covered the whole part. Every corner of the residence is covered in red flames. And you forget something. So, what are some of the things you will risk your lives to save? The most common answers to this question comprise of the people and pets that are a part of the house.

But the most envied item to be saved from your burning down home are the family portraits and photo albums. Family photos! Some of the most important objects to us. And on the contrast, some of the most common things that a normal layman would take them for granted.

  1. Vintage Design Photo Album. 

You can opt for an interesting vintage design for a photo album. Yes, we know photo albums aren’t particularly that much creative, but this idea might bring some next-level joy. Such unique albums adding, to the nostalgia, create a sense of the timeless vibe. Albums made from faux leather, authentic and vintage from the 1950s period is a perfect match for you. You can be brought one in one of the nearby stores too.

  1. Get It Printed and Hang Anywhere You Like. 

Sometimes, people want something different yet exclusive. Then comes the way of portraits. You want to get a better way of holding onto your memories but have a medium budget. Then you should visit CanvasPop.

CanvasPop is one stop where you can get the best family portrait. And if you have a pet, then do not worry as CanvasPop offers pet portraits too. With the best quality, you can make the best of your space.


CanvasPop is a website that is known for its major high-quality canvas prints, which you can easily buy online at low prices as compared to any other heavy brand name artifices. From dogs, cats, bunnies, horses to hedgehogs and birds, you name it, and it will be developed. You can cherish all the memories you’ve shared with your pet with CanvasPop’s pet portrait.

You can choose from 1000+ designs to make your living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, or even bathroom more eye-traumatizing to you and even to every person who comes to your house. Instagram and Facebook photos can also be printed with CanvasPop. So, if you have any B&W photos in digital form, they can be printed too. From synthetic cloth outlets to woodcut plates, everything can be done according to your requirements. And when everything is looking “Above OK Level,” then try CanvasPop once in your life and become a family of over 100,000 happy customers.

  1. Digital Picture Frame. 

If you want to keep it sweet and simple, then definitely you should buy a Digital Picture Frame. It is a simpler way to avoid loose photos. You have to upload your favorite plain black album with a USB or memory card and Viola! All the photos will be displayed in an ordered slideshow. Or, if you want to choose some of the other, you can choose them by customizable settings. Change the default settings and then take a jar full of popcorn and enjoy the breeze of memories of these photo albums.

  1. Personalized Photo Boxes. 

If you didn’t like the above-mentioned idea (P.S-I thought why not), then how about the ‘Personalized Photo Boxes.’ It will be a classy and slick way to keep all your black and white photos in a well-mannered way. A personalized photo box gives you the authority of not wasting time in having photos in a clutter.

You can manage them as a year-wise serial order through which you will cover a long period in a short span. And let me tell you, a box with engravings and style series with different font structures written over it will enhance the feeling when you open, and every time you see all these photos.

  1. Photo Storage Bins. 

Also, have you heard about the photo storage box? When you can’t bring yourself to dispose of any of your plain black photos, then this option can be for you. Small photo-sized storage bins can be a great help for you. It’s an inexpensive method to get hold onto all the loose family photos that you always wanted in one place.

We often don’t realize the importance of family photo albums until the time has come and gone by. And you have got to hold these memories for as long as possible. Because as time passes by, it is the memories of your we will adore documenting the most. Family photos can channel emotions that words can never explain. So, from deep within, I urge you that you immediately print your plain black and white family photos and hang them in your home and make them long-living for the rest of your life.



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