How To Perfect Your Personal Craft Room

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If you have a room reserved for your knitting and crocheting supplies, you will want it to be impeccable so that you can complete your projects without any stress or frustration. Here are some practical tips that will help you organize and maintain the perfect space to work on your crafts.

The most important step you will have to cover when you work on your craft room is stock up on all of the essential supplies. If you regularly knit or crochet, you will want to have a wide range of australian yarn materials available for your project. You can prepare for almost any project by having at least one type of yarn in a basic colour—this means you should try to have white yarn, black yarn, brown yarn, pink yarn and all the colours of the rainbow your room. When it comes to the texture of the yarn, you should also opt for variety—get basic fiber types like cotton or wool, along with some hard to find yarn like mohair and alpaca fiber types. If you need to stock up on different kinds of yarn, you should visit the website Yarnspirations right away. The website also carries accessories like pompom makers, tassel makers, needles, hooks, stitch holders and embellishment kits. Order all your materials online and have them delivered right to your front doorstep — and if you change your mind about what you picked, they have a forty-five day-long return policy.

 Organize Your Yarn

Once you have stocked up on all of the yarn weights, fibers and colors that you could possibly need, you will have to organize the spools. When you are redesigning your craft room, you will want to store your yarn in a way that won’t make the ball unspool and tangle into other ones.

Here are some helpful ways that you can store your yarn in your craft room:

  • In a plastic tub, a bucket, a box or a basket—you can even knit the basket for your yarn
  • Inside cubbies, shelves, pegboards, drawers, shoe organizers or wine racks
  • In labeled cookie jars or glass containers

Organize Your Knitting Needles

If you aren’t using the needles in a current project, you should find a safe and neat place to store them — this will make sure that you don’t misplace the needles or have them fall out of a spool of yarn.

 Here are some interesting ways that you can store your knitting needles in your craft room:

  • Stick them in a short vase or inside decorative tea tins
  • Put them in a pencil case, a patterned pouch or a clutch handbag
  • Slip them in the pockets of a homemade fabric case—this is a simple DIY project that is similar to a cook’s utility roll, but with knitting needles in place of knives

A cluttered and messy craft room will test your patience, confuse your projects and impede your sense of creativity. By stocking up the right supplies and using superior storage techniques, you can have the space to make your amazing ideas come to life.


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