5 Tips on Selling Your Unused Gift Cards Online

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Is there a gift card hidden in your wallet that you have not used for months? Maybe you cannot find the time to shop in that store? Perhaps that restaurant is out of the way? Yes, you appreciate the giver’s gesture, but sometimes life happens, and you could not just use the gift card for yourself.

Do you know that you can sell gift cards online? Those gifts that have been sitting on your purse or in your office drawer can be converted into cash. The method is secure, but as with any transaction online, there are safety measures and tips that you need to remember.

  • Sell Your Gift Cards on Legitimate Platforms

There are only a few legitimate platforms where you can sell gift cards. Check if the online platform also has a brick and mortar store. It means that you can visit them anytime if problems crop up.

You may also check reviews online to check their customer service and proof of operations. You can also try and ask them for more information. The way they answer your queries is an indication of how they work as a company. The Better Business Bureau is also another site where you can check if the gift card selling platform is legitimate. Doing your homework first before selling will ensure that you will get the best deal possible.

  • Be Wary of Fraudulent Activities

The Internet is a helpful tool for commerce, but it is also teeming with fraudulent activities. To ensure that you only transact with reliable companies, avoid selling your gift cards on social media sites and other unverified platforms.

These sites cannot protect you from being scammed. You might also be putting your safety and privacy on the line. It is important to note that a scammer can drain the money stored on your card even if you have it on hand. You might get tricked into giving the number on your card.

  • Check Payment Options

Sell on a platform that offers a wide array of payment options. You would not want to be stuck with a company that will make it difficult for you to claim your money. You should have the liberty to choose the payment method that is convenient for you.

Also, make sure that you do not shell any money upon registering. A company that asks money upfront is a red flag. The company must also be able to send the payment once they have processed and approved your cards.

  • Check Your Card’s Expiry Date

Before you sell gift cards, check if your card has an expiry date. Remember that a company would not want a card that is past its expiry date.

  • You Can Sell Partially-Used Gift Cards

Maybe you used a part of your gift card but have no plans of returning to the restaurant or shop. Instead of forgetting about those cards, you can still convert them into cash. Some companies have policies for cards that still have a remaining balance on them.

Several websites also offer a pay per use scheme wherein a buyer only wishes to use a portion of the balance. They will pay you a prorated amount for every dollar used in your gift card. They will notify you if your balance reaches zero so you can claim your cash.

Gone are the days when unused or unwanted gift cards go to waste. Thanks to these gift card buying and selling platforms, these gifts get another chance to make someone happy.



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