How to control pigeon population growth in your town?

The growth of pigeons, especially in urban areas, is multiplying exponentially day by day. Pigeons settling in your property can cause a number of problems. It’s not just about what they leave behind, but it is also about the risk to human health lying just around the corner where these pests are involved.

A good enough pigeon control system will ensure that your town is free from these uninvited pests, all the while making sure that the appearance of your buildings or properties does not deteriorate. There are more ways than one to encounter the population growth of pigeons in your town. Spikes, coils, netting, and birth control, just to name a few.

Pigeon Birth Control

Birth control is one of the most efficacious solutions to pigeon problems. Pigeons, unfortunately, have extraordinary breeding capabilities. They breed up to six to eight times a year and can give birth to around two hundred pigeons in the time span of only one year. Hence, a far more effective method than that of killing, poisoning, or shooting has to be adapted because when the population of these birds is threatened, they can easily accelerate their breeding processes and in no time be in an even greater number than before.

Birth control is a system in which a contraceptive bait is set out for pigeons to consume. It interrupts the egg fertilization and prevents the egg from hatching. This kibble-type food is to be fed only once a day to a flock of pigeons. 

A famous example of a birth control program is Ovocontrol. This humane method is used to effectively decline the population of pigeons in large numbers by adding a medicine in pigeon food which hinders the process of hatching. Ovocontrol is a considerate and non-lethal operation that is widely used for birth control of pigeons nowadays.

Although birth control is an efficient technique for reducing the reproduction of pigeons, it does not provide immediate results. A decrease in the flock can only occur over a long period of time. However, even a gradual decrease in the population of pigeons can consequently minimize their invasion greatly. 

Moreover, you can be guilt-free as pigeon birth control doesn’t harm the existing flock of pigeons. They can continue with their blissful natural lives by the end of which you would get rid of their menace in a non-violent way.

Reducing the availability of food

Reduction in the abundance of pigeon population can also be achieved through the elimination of food supply for the flock. The chief source of pigeon food is deliberate feeding by humans. People can be prevented from feeding pigeons by spreading awareness. Also, do not throw food around your property, inviting them to devour and inhabit your property. 

Studies show that the size of the flock of pigeons is directly proportional to the availability and supply of food. A flock will rapidly increase in numbers if there is an abundance of food resources and vice versa. Therefore, a control over the leftover food lying around could reduce the pigeon population considerably.


Bird netting is a popular method to keep pigeons away from your gardens, balconies, roofs, or wherever they are not wanted. It inserts a physical barrier which the pigeons cannot cross and hence stay away. Bird netting is probably one of the most uncomplicated methods to scare away pigeons. This method is particularly effective for wide-open areas like rooftops or balconies. 

Pigeon Deterrents

The bird deterrent process is a humane method, which is used to prevent pigeons from damaging buildings, airplane hangers, signs, garages, and much more. Also, they protect your property from damage. 

Prevention of Landing using Scare devices

Another way to ensure that pigeons do not make your property their domain is to use scare devices to keep them away from your area. There is a wide range of various scare devices available that are efficient and easy to install. The following are the most popular scare devices.

Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes prevent birds from landing, thus reducing their chances of roosting on your properties. These are harmless for the birds and are a humane way of keeping them away.

Repellent Gels

Repellent Gels are inexpensive and easy to apply. They also keep pigeons from landing and discourage them from roosting on your roofs. 

Pigeon Repellent Spider

Pigeon repellent spiders are also a convenient and effective way to keep the pigeon population under control. These spiders have steel arms that swing on the air scaring the pigeons from inhabiting or setting in your area. Besides providing physical protection, these also give a visual deterrent for the pigeons, keeping them away for good.

Supersonic pigeon scares

Supersonic or ultrasonic pigeon scares transmit sounds of predators in the atmosphere across a gas area. These work mechanically and project natural sounds that scare pigeons after every five to ten minutes. These will surely keep pigeons at bay.


The above-mentioned tips will surely keep your town pigeon-free in a natural and humane way without the use of any violent methods. So you could be officially guilt-free for trying to keep their population under control without hurting them.



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