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How To Build A Shed With Scrap Materials.

When it comes to building a shed we all have our reasons for making the decisions we do. For some we want to learn how to build a shed that is visually appealing while others simply want a functional structure. But more and more amateur shed builders are looking for recycle materials that will give them a functional shed without breaking the bank.

The other factor you might want to consider is environmental impact. Sure you can simply head on over to your closest big box store and get pricey wood or pre-assembled shed kits, but using recycled materials will save you money and make you feel good about not being wasteful.

If your goal is to learn how to build a shed for the first time, you might find scrap materials the ideal learning tool. Be sure to check Howtobuildashed.org for more great how to ideas.


Plastic Bottles


One of the most novel ways to build a shed using scrap or recycled materials is the use of plastic bottles. The clear plastic bottles let in a ton of light eliminating the need for electricity. Also the cost is minimal because you either save the bottles you use or head to your nearest recycling center and pick up as many as you need.

Using plastic bottles will allow you to learn how to build a shed frame while using the bottles to fill in the wall and roof areas.

Recycled Fencing

Instead of trying to find a place to get rid of that wood from your recently dismantled fence, look at it as a new utility shed. With your wood needs taken care of, you can spend money on the other tools and materials you’ll need. In fact since you are recycling the fence wood you might want to consider getting polycarbonate clearstory for the upper portion of the shed to let in the light.

Just make sure you take a look at each plank of wood before using it to ensure that it hasn’t succumbed to the elements.


If your goal is to learn how to build a shed then you might want to start thinking outside the box in terms of materials. There are plenty of scrapyards where you can find a variety of materials…like wooden doors. You can take your time to find what you need at a scrapyard until you have an entire pile of doors to erect your new shed.

Use the doors in their entirety to make the walls and grab a few doors with windows so you can ensure you have light pouring in when you need it. You can decide how to cut up the wood or use it whole, but whatever you decide you know you’ll save a great deal of money.

Metal Trays

If you’d rather go for something other than recycled wood you might want to consider discarded stainless steel trays. Think of the carrying trays you might find in a food court or cafeteria; a bunch of those could be ideal for a metal shed. Best of all using metal trays would teach you how to build a shed with something other than wood.

You will have to think carefully about the type of insulation you need to combat the heat of the metal in hot weather and the converse in cold weather.

Salvaged Windows

You can’t really talk about building a shed without considering windows. Even if you plan to use the shed for storage you will want at least one window so you can easily search through your stuff and find what you need. So instead of spending too much money on brand new windows look to salvaged windows from old doors or windshields.

When you first learn how to build a shed the task can be quite daunting. You don’t know the technical jargon and your budget isn’t allowing for top quality materials. Relieve the hassle by using recycled materials.




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