What Roofing Tools Should I Buy If I Want to Be a Roofer?

Getting ready for roofing requires specific tools. Whether you’re starting up your own company or tooling yourself up for the work, these roofing tools are vital for you. Thus, if you want to be a roofer in no time, be sure you’re familiar with the essential tools to be used. In this article, we’ve come up with a handy list of tools every roofer needs. Let’s check this list out.  


1.Roofing knives – It’s a vital roofing tool that you should include in your toolbox. A roofing knife is commonly used to cut shingles and any materials that require cutting. With that said, make sure you buy a heavy-duty utility knife that will last longer. For instance, you can use a retractable blade that will perform the task just right.  

2.Hatchet or roofing hammer – Another essential tool that you shouldn’t forget as a roofer is the roofing hammer. It’s ideal for setting or removing nails and for tearing shingles with ease. Although you use a nail gun, there will still be times that you need a hammer to get the job done right.  

3.Roofing nailers – It’s a must-have tool for every roofer. If you’re looking yourself to become a roofer someday, don’t forget to include a nail gun in your roofing tool checklist. When it comes to installation, gun nailing is a clean and fast way to complete the job efficiently and quickly.  

4.Shingle removal shovel – Tearing off the existing shingles and pushing them out of your way will be done quickly with the help of a shingle removal shovel. It’s the best tool to have when removing the old shingles to make room for the new ones.  

5.Ripper – If you want a versatile roofing tool to help you with the job, make sure you purchase a ripper. Removing shingles, cedar, and nails without any damage is the primary application of this tool.  

6.Roof brackets – To have a comfortable and safer position while doing a roofing job, you need to have roof brackets in place. They’re useful for climbing steep roofs, and they’re made to provide support for your feet while you’re on the roof.  What makes this tool amazing is that the brackets are easy to install and remove without doing any damage to the roof surface.  

7.Retractable steel tape – If you’re working in the roofing industry, you should always have a retractable steel tape by your side. It’s beneficial for measuring everything you need quick and easy.  

8.Caulk gun – This roofing tool should always be available when you’re dealing with roof repairs. It’s designed to prevent any dripping when distributing caulk from tubes. A caulking gun tool is known to be easy to use. 

9.Metal snips – Doing a metal roofing project isn’t easy. That being said, you need to have good metal snips for cutting and working on the metal sheets. The snips come from a light and durable tin, that’s why it’s also used for cutting through aluminum, flashings, and other metal materials.  

10.Electric drill – As a roofer, you might work on commercial and metal roofing. It’s therefore crucial that you have an electric drill on your toolbox. It’s the right tool for drilling holes in metal or concrete and for installing screws. If you’re looking for a safe and fast roofing installation, you should buy a lightweight cordless drill to make the process smoother.  

11.Tile nibblers – It’s a purposeful tool for gripping, pinching, or pulling materials such as nails, screws, sheet metal, and debris. If you’re drawing something from tiny spaces, using a tile nibbler can be a great option. 

12.Ladder hoist – Getting materials on the top of the roof can be very dangerous on your end. That’s why it’s essential that you should have a ladder hoist to carry the materials safely from the ground up to the roof. This tool is sought-after for moving shingles, metal materials, and even solar panels.  

13.Multi-purpose cutters – Another alternative for cutting materials is a cutter with rubber handles. After all, using a durable cutter to cut through composite shingles can make any roofing project faster. 

14.Magnetic Sweeper – For the cleaning part, a magnetic sweeper is what you need. It’s a rolling magnetic cleaner that picks up nails, screws, staples, and other metal debris.  

15.Moisture detection tool – As a roofer, you should know the process of finding out the dryness or moisture content of the roof surface as well as the insulation and the roofing materials. To help you with the task, you need to prepare a moisture detection tool. 

16.Harness – While it’s not an actual tool, every roofer should have a harness to wear while working on the job. Even if the roof isn’t steep, it’s required by law to use a harness. Simply strap on the harness and tighten them properly to ensure safety.  

17.Ladder – If you want safe access to the roof, you need a ladder. Make sure you choose a heavy-duty one for stability. Consider extension length and load capacity when looking for a ladder.  

18.Hard hats – Wear hard hats before climbing a roof. By doing it, you can be able to protect your head and ensure safety throughout the job. Besides, there’s a huge possibility that you might trip and fall or bump your head into something. So, it’s definitely necessary to wear hard hats while on the roof.  



By keeping this list of roofing tools in mind, you can be sure of a fast, easy, comfortable and safe job as a roofer. So, learn more about these tools so you can choose the right items to gear yourself up for the next roofing project. If you want durable and heavy-duty items, look for Precision roofing supplies that suit your needs. 



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