Which Musical Instrument Is Right For You?

There are lots of benefits if you know how to play one, two, or even several kinds of musical instruments. It’s fun, relaxing, a good attention grabber, an alternative source of income, and could even be your ticket to the music or entertainment industry. But with all the musical instruments available, which one should you choose? When confused or still undecided as to which musical instrument is right for you, here is a short guide that will certainly help:

–          Consider the music genre you love listening to. One of the top determinants of the best musical instrument fit for you is the genre of music you love listening to. If you are swayed by classical music, piano or the violin is without a doubt the most ideal instruments. If you’re into metal, rock, or pop, try musical instruments you commonly see in bands like guitar and drums. For jazz lovers, you might want to invest in a saxophone or trombone.

–          Consider your personality and desires. Aside from the genre of music you love, base your choice on your personality and desires. Do you constantly crave for fame and attention? Guitar and drums might be suitable. Are you the quite or shy type who would rather enjoy soft music during the silence of night? Try flute or violin.

–          Do you want to go solo or join a band or orchestra? Generally, all musical instruments can produce a melody on their own. But there are always those which needs accompaniment from other instruments like drums, trumpets, basses, etc. The best examples of instruments that you can play solo include the piano, guitar, violin, flute, etc. Thus, you can also base your decision as to the musical career you want to pursue. If you simply want a new hobby or form of entertainment, you can go for the solo instruments.

–          What’s your budget for an instrument? You also have to note that each instrument will have a different selling price. Probably the most expensive ones are the pianos while the cheapest could be the guitar, flute, or harmonica. Here’s a list of some low cost ones. If budget is not a concern, then you are free to choose any of the instruments that you prefer most.



–          It’s best if you learn to play the basics. In music, you will have an advantage at playing a particular instrument if you already know how to use another type from the same class. For example; if you already know how to play the guitar, it would easier in the future for you to handle other string instruments like violins, cellos, basses, etc – so maybe avoid piano lessons. If you learn to play the flute or saxophone, it’s a good preparation for clarinets, trumpets, and trombones.

–          Test play as many instruments and decide. Perhaps the most ideal way for you to arrive at the most suitable instrument is to try all the options and determine which among them you are most interested with.

–          Is it easy to find a music teacher or school? Finally, don’t forget about your future coach. Even if you can learn to play an instrument on your own, nothing beats the idea of receiving formal training and education. With your chosen instrument, are there professionals or music teachers around?

If you’re considering taking up a new instrument, or learning one for the first time – then this should all be of help. Check this drum set for the complete beginner.


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