All About DISH Network: Despite The Hatred, Dish Still Goes On.


No cable or satellite company remains unscathed in the market. Cable companies and satellite TV providers deal with much of the same scrutiny when it comes to providing television service to eager customers.

Finding hate online for TV providers

In other words, you’re not going to find a single cable or satellite TV company without any hate, especially online. Just take a look at the service review websites that let angry or jaded consumers post their reviews about cable and satellite TV services. It’s not a pretty sight, and most of those sites serve as a way for people to see the ‘true colors’ of any particular TV provider in the United States.

DISH Network is a common target of online scrutiny, since people can easily post their review of their DISH Network service for people to see. Although their experiences serve as a reference for people who want to subscribe to Dish at some point, they ultimately describe their own experience with the service, and not necessarily anyone else’s experience.

After all, if people took other people’s word on their experiences with DISH Network (or any other TV provider), they’d barely have any customers left. That also goes for other similar TV providers get a bad rap from other customers across the country.

The problem with hating Dish



The problem with hating DISH Network is that it’s expected. Satellite TV isn’t the most stable network, since satellite signals get delayed and interrupted all the time.

Even news sources take the time to point fingers at Dish. Many news sources have reported Dish customers’ dissatisfaction with the company. DISH Network was put into MSN’s 2013 Customer Service Hall of Shame for having ‘pushy sales tactics, unreasonable fees and confusing contracts.’

Workers at DISH Network also have a bone to pick. Glassdoor found that DISH Network was the worst company to work for last year. Only 33 percent of Dish employees recommended it as an ideal place of employment.

Is garnering that much hate a good thing for Dish? While hate isn’t a good thing, in this case, it looks like DISH Network will be fine. Why? It’s because Dish does enough things right to get people on their service.

What DISH Network does right

DISH Network doesn’t raise prices after a year. They provide service much cheaper than satellite and cable TV competitors.

People have found that lower is better when it comes to satellite TV. And, a lot of them don’t like paying a higher price for satellite TV after their first two years.

Competitors like DIRECTV actually raise the price after the first year, though DISH Network doesn’t raise the price, keeping their customers locked into the same rate as their initial rate.

While DISH Network isn’t a perfect company, they do provide enough perks to make people choose them over competitors. And, sometimes, having the right perks is enough for people who want TV.


Still, if you’re not sure which one of these providers is the best, you can always read latest reviews and information at or any other major review site on the internet. Hope that helped!






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