How to Become a Better Educator to Young Children

Teaching elementary age is a wonderful experience. You get to help young children grow into the best versions of themselves by teaching them numerous different subjects. You will see their best days, their worst, and everything in between.

With such a big responsibility, it makes sense that you’d want to put everything you can into being a better educator to young children. Read on to learn how to do just that.

Study a More Advanced Program

Your education doesn’t have to end once you complete a bachelor’s. Studying further education is a great idea, as it opens your mind to new ideas while developing new skills for teaching. For a program focused on early childhood education, try Bank Street college of education. Their online program will develop your education while allowing you the time to still be a great teacher.

Teach with Empathy

Children aren’t always easy, but they always deserve empathy. Whether a child has sustained an injury, fallen out with a classmate, or is having trouble with their schoolwork, it’s up to you to be empathetic about their circumstances.

Always Listen When Appropriate

While you will, of course, do a lot of talking as a teacher, it’s also important to listen when appropriate. Children have a lot to say, and they like to be listened to! By letting them know their ideas and words are worthwhile, they will gain more confidence and curiosity. Group chats are particularly effective when everyone gets a fair chance to speak up.

Stay Up to Date with the Parents

Your school kids go home every day to different homes. To understand them better, and to keep their loved ones up to date with their progress, keep up with the parents. You may learn new information that helps you understand a certain kid more.

Encourage Natural Curiosity

Children are naturally curious. That curiosity can sometimes lessen as they get older, but with enough encouragement, you can prevent that. Encourage everything they are interested in, whether that’s dinosaurs, earthquakes, Marvel superheroes, or music. While you shouldn’t let their personal interests cut into full-on lesson time, you should try to make time for them to explore their natural curiosities.

Make it Fun

It’s easier said than done but creating a fun learning environment is a sure-fire way to get the kids engaged. When they’re having fun, they’re not thinking about all the information they are absorbing! Plus, you don’t have to worry as much about distractions. Be creative with lesson planning, sticking to the curriculum while letting the kids have fun while they learn.

Keep an Organized Schedule

It’s much easier to be a better teacher when you have a schedule. By being prepared for every hour of the day, you can focus your attention on the kids and their learning.

Final Thought

Teaching young kids takes a certain kind of motivated, empathetic, and passionate person. This list will help you take your natural teaching qualities and become an even better educator to young children.


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