Best Apps for Small and Big Business Owners

Small and big businesses have to be wary of each and everything. From controlling their expenses to managing day-to-day tasks. With the emergence of digital marketing and online businesses, everyone is looking for maximum productivity and better management. 

Whether you are running your affiliate website, a SaaS product, or an online store, the first thing you need to make sure of is to have a high-speed connection. Having an internet connection is not a big deal if you are living in an urban area. 

You can find plenty of internet service providers including Spectrum, Mediacom, Cox, and Optimum. The problem arises when you are living in a rural area and cable and fiber internet are not available. In that case, you can’t do anything but rely on satellite internet. 

Satellite internet is not as fast as you can experience in the case of cable and fiber internet. But HughesNet is one such ISP that offers high-speed internet with limited data caps. Talking about its customer service, you can contact servicio al cliente de hughesnet for any kind of assistance. 

Now you don’t have any excuse if you want to work on your startup or already working on it. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for businesses every business owner must-have. 


If you want to manage your employees’ payroll, Gusto is the best app to install on your phone. Started as ZenPayroll, Gusto is used by over 200,000 businesses nationwide. The app can allow you to process payrolls and taxes up to billions of dollars and offer employees to have benefits like health insurance, and 401 (K) accounts. 

Simplify and automate your payrolls through this app and keep your employees happy. You can also keep track of your employee’s attendance, hiring and onboarding, and talent management. Get insights and reporting for all your processes without struggling. 


During the pandemic of COVID-19, most of the business owners relied heavily on Zoom to communicate and have seamless interaction with clients and employees. Whether you are managing remote teams or in-house, conducting video conferences is easy with Zoom. 

Zoom is easy to use and free to install. All you need to do is click on New Meeting and invite as many as 100 people to join the conference. The app can be accessed on several devices including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. 


If you are thinking of buying a new scanner to scan your documents and important files, stop right there. You can install CamScanner on your phone and get all your documents scanned within a few clicks. 

The app allows you to stay productive by scanning important documents for future reference. Moreover, you can also download the scanned documents in PDF, JPG, or text formats. In addition, you can also share your documents with others with just a few clicks. Paperwork is not easy to handle in this digital era. But not anymore when you have CamScanner installed on your device. 

Google Drive 

Storing important files and documents on storage devices can be problematic. You need to invest heavily not only to buy those devices but also to back up the data. Once a virus hits your device, your data would be vanished and things can turn into a nightmare. 

However, with Google Drive, you can upload files with just a few clicks. Also, you can share it with others with read-only or editing options. Google Drive is free to use and can store plenty of data without paying. However, for advanced features and more storage, it is better to look at pricing plans. 


Asana is a great app to stay organized and synchronized with your team. Keep track of everyone’s tasks and progress. The app allows you to organize your task according to the due date. You can add as many collaborators as you want on a single task and stay aligned with your team without putting in much effort. 

Summing Up

In this post, we have discussed some of the best tools for business owners and startups to organize and manage tasks. Make sure to install these tools on your device and stay organized and aligned with your team for seamless workflow and collaboration. 


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